The Cannibal in the Jungle Sneak Peek


Watch a sneak peek of the Animal Planet movie event THE CANNIBAL IN THE JUNGLE premiering Sunday, May 24, at 9/8c. | http://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/cannibal-in-the-jungle/#mkcpgn=ytda1

CANNIBAL IN THE JUNGLE premieres Sunday May 24 at 9/8c on Animal Planet!

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Date: August 28, 2019

32 thoughts on “The Cannibal in the Jungle Sneak Peek

  1. Didn't they even check to see if his diet was of a cannibal when they found him? As well did they check to see if the bite marks on the bodies mach? Accusing a man of cannibalism when the evidence do mach don't sound very scientific.

  2. White ppl y’all goin forever be in these situations because y’all just do not want to follow the leads of the black community see we don’t do shyt like this we not going in no jungles we don’t even explore too far in the wood close to our homes so we definitely ain’t doing jungles like that simply because it’s too many things that can kill u from shyt small as ants hell even some ants and shyt 3 times our size like bears shyt we can out run like leopards n tigers and shyt that can squeeze us to death and swallow us whole like big ass snakes so NO FUCK RESEARCHING SHYT we ok without learning about shyt like that we don’t have to see it for ourselves. We get it y’all are excellent business ppl and we look up to that but trust us on some shyt the jungle and shyt no just say NO to going out there!!

  3. these explorers are most likely paid undercover agents for the government and/or huge companies who are there to do research in order for material gains. because if they wasn't, their interactions would be completely different.

  4. White europeans will always lie to make dark skinned people around the world look like animals for the propaganda uses back in europe. All of this is complete BS, if you want to learn real life, come to the wild lands of asia, africa and south america and talk to the locals yourself, they're very friendly! I can almost guarantee that the depiction of the interaction between white explorers and dark people was not this at all for the majority. I would know because my people are from wild jungles and we have our history the world is hiding because it does not suit the white mans political narrative.

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