The cat man of Aleppo – BBC News


Mohammad Alaa Jaleel lives in Aleppo, Syria, where he looks after more than a hundred stray and abandoned cats.

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Date: September 26, 2019

27 thoughts on “The cat man of Aleppo – BBC News

  1. "Someone who has mercy in their heart for people has mercy for every living thing". I tend to think this is true – although I've met a few self-styled 'animal lovers' who I think were more into dominating and controlling their animals than having empathy with them as living beings.

  2. Wonderful man, wonderful story. I came here after reading the article with the same video on bbc (my home page!). I'm not a fan of smoking, but in my faith there is a scripture that says "Man is defiled not by what goes into him, but what comes out." What comes out of this man is kindness, love, mercy, peace, the highest aspirations of any faith! Maybe I can buy him a carton of cigarettes some day 🙂

  3. TODAY Feb 2019, my adopted cat was in surgery to prevent cat population. 🙂 my adopte Tabata kitty also had surgery to prevent pregnacy. We got to share responsability !

  4. الله يسعدك حبيبي ويرزقك من حيث لا تدري….لا تيأس أخي الحبيب الدنيا لسه بخير وفيها ملائكة زيك….كيف أستطيع مساعدتك؟

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