The "Cursed" Skallagrim Dagger…


The armor piercing dagger I used to pierce the “stab proof” vest is really famous, largely thanks to the Daily Mail. During that hard time fellow YouTube creator Skallagrim helped me out very much, and so I asked him if he wanted to review the weapon. He said yes, so I sent it to him.

Unfortunately the dagger got stolen on the way – he only received the empty package. Skallagrim now thinks the dagger is cursed… and he has a point, this thing lead to a lot of issues since I made it. But I believe in steel, not in curses, so I made another one! This video is a detailed “making of”, containing many tips for the aspiring wood worker.

I put in an insanely well protected box and shipped it with registered, insured mail… let us hope it arrives fine! Can’t wait to hear what Skallagrim thinks about it.

A “The Slingshot Channel” production.


Date: October 14, 2020

41 thoughts on “The "Cursed" Skallagrim Dagger…

  1. Took me a while, but I finally found some time to watch this. Thank you so much for going through the effort of making another one, Joerg! I highly appreciate it, and I'm looking forward to trying it out. And it really is beautiful work!

    Also nice to see the fine-tweaking in particular. Handle ergonomics are more important than many manufacturers seem to think.

  2. the skill and knowledge demonstrated in this video is enough to negate any nitpicks skall and shad have against this dagger

  3. The color and grain of that cocobolo wood are gorgeous. I get a similar color by staining lighter wood with espresso-color stain, but to see wood that is naturally that dark is really appealing. It also contrasts really nicely with the light plywood in the middle. Very nice bit of woodworking, Joerg.

  4. It’s a giant cock, and he’s talking about getting it wet so the fibers are erect. Too many dirty jokes all flying thru my head that i cant even pick one for this comment.

  5. all these ppl talking about "don't break into his house" if you were within limits of his abode he'd deffo have traps set up, you wouldn't make it there 😭

  6. look amazing but im going to nit pick here, that is a terrible way to build a knife, i know for its purpose its looks good and seeing as it will most likely never be used it doesnt need to be strong but hot glue is shit, that give you talk about will eventually lead to play. as an idea you could have hammered the hollow part down and had plenty of material for a tang that you could stud and would end up with a very strong knife

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