The Daily Mail attacks British Universities


“Our Remainer Universities” is the Daily Mail headline today – with extensive content inside. Clearly irate that Chris Heaton-Harris’s efforts fell short… they shoot ahead with their own naming & shaming plans. There’s even an email you can write to if you want to grass up any “anti-Brexit” activity. But wait now… let’s compare what our British universities do for this country versus what the Daily Mail does for this country. Our unis are globally respected institutions building the fabric, knowledge, innovation and future of our society. The Mail is bent on undermining it.

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Date: October 14, 2020

25 thoughts on “The Daily Mail attacks British Universities

  1. Give it a rest with your sneering, snobby attitude and get behind Britain. We are leaving the undemocratic EU and it's about time you accepted it. You want to remain part of an entity where we have to sit back and accept diktats from unelected people? Are you insane?

  2. It was clumsy, but – the Unis really are biased towards Brexit.

    As for targetting – anyone who dares to show anything other than leftish views in a university can be routinely bullied and ostracised. Look at the snowflakes and safe space advocates – can't handle the truth. Look what happended to Milo in the States.

    As for Daily Mail "with its dubious ownership and past" – can you elaborate on that comment please?

  3. I had no idea that undermining the British peoples democratic vote to leave the EU was part of the Universities curriculum!
    they should all be fired for treasonous behaviour :))

  4. They need attacking ! Just nests of brainwashing swivel eyed looney lefties, intolerant antisemitic ,against free speech ,I fear for the future, when words can cause the need for safe spaces people offended at the slightest thing ,These unis are turning our kids into brainwashed snowflake lefties and a light needs to be shone on it ! Well done the daily mail, the left hates you because you expose them for what they are .

  5. About time someone looked at these universities, people go to be educated to learn and may be grow ,not to be indoctrinated by professors that should know better.

  6. Thank God for the Daily mail. It is incumbent on all patriots to make it known to citizens who are plotting to set forth a chain of events to put this country under the jurisdiction of a foreign court.. Once the universities have caught up with the collective wisdom. We will have great universities again. At the moment they are just centers for debt. banality, and mediocrity.

  7. This somehow reminds me how the communists destroyed our countrys in Europe after WW2 :)) The masses of peasant hated the guts of the intelectuals. Perfect recipe to destroy a country.

  8. Are universities, then, to be above scrutiny? Lecturers are there to teach, not influence young minds with pro-EU propaganda in an effort to advance their own political agenda. It came as no surprise to find that British universities receive around £1.2 billion PA in EU grants. Of course, that's not really EU money, just some of the vast amount we pay them being handed back to be spent largely as the EU decides. And were remoaners up in arms at Cameron spending over £9 million of taxpayers money on similar propaganda pre-referendum? Not that I can remember.

  9. What the Daily Mail has done is not only disgraceful; it is also highly irresponsible. Those professors, whose photographs are included in the Daily Mail, could be physically attacked or harassed online by resentful Brexiteers. Remember what happened to Jo Cox.

  10. Didn't Rothermeres DAILY HEIL carry recruitment material for the British Fascists in the 1930s ?
    No change there then !

  11. Go and wiki the eu,s European youth movement,, read their goals read the statement of aims, read the oath they take,
    read their agenda for visting universities all over the uk and Europe 90% eu funded 10% un funded.. they are sworn to the intergration of eu countries…they have been brainwashing students for years… go wiki.

  12. First they came for the judges, who kicked their arse. Then for Labour, who kicked their arse. Now they've come for the Universities, who'll also kick their arses, but maybe not as much as Labour voters did in June. Ooh, Labour voters really kicked the Daily Mail's arse back in June.

  13. I don’t know why you’re getting you knickers in a twist when you lot started it. Cast your mind back 20/6/2016, 3 DAYS before the Referendum when an open letter to UK voters from leaders of 103 British universities bashing Brexiteers was sent to the Independent! Don’t start crying when you get a taste of your own whip. Ok, I agree Harris’s letter was a tad Stalinesqe, but I know and you know that it was going nowhere. Look. We are leaving the EU, the debate is over. Why not climb on board and help us Brexiteers get a deal and plan for the future. You’re obviously a very intelligent man and we’d welcome yourself and colleagues with open arms and smile.:)

  14. Here's a very important and valuable education for you, Mike, one you are sorely missing : Significantly less than 8% of the glorious 52% read the Daily Mail. You may wish to target your last remoaning death throes towards something more relevant.

    On a more positive note I really enjoyed this video, it looked for a second there you were about to start crying. Highly entertaining. I'm gonna crack open a beer and watch it again. More, please!

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