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In today’s video, we’re going to talking about a host of stories that Wayne has been covering.

There’s a lot of mystery and intrigue over this particular murder case Jared loverson vanished about six months ago he was last seen getting around town on a pushbike. He’s a very well-known chap who lived in the area. His whole life vanished so the town has been looking where has this man gone.

This week police have laid a murder charge against the young lady called Samantha so they have found a body out in the bush and a barista out in the little town of Trafalgar just outside of Maui. there has been charged with his murder. Samantha is a quite attractive young lady who was popular in the area. I went out to Trafalgar yesterday had a coffee in that cafe understandably the owners. There were not too keen to discuss being but two after she was charged on Tuesday. Then a day later two other gentlemen have been charged over the murder as well. So clearly something has come up from that initial opportunity to interrogate her. Then from that two men have also been included in two other parts of the investigation.

Two other locals have been charged all up three people and two others were also questioned. They a couple of them live just around the corner from that cafe where Samantha worked seems to be by the account of the locals around that area that I mean they’re stunned. This young lady could be charged with murder, she’d get around town with a little dog.

There has still another mystery in the story to know about the mysterious adventure watch the video till the very end.

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Date: October 4, 2021

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