Fentanyl in cocaine: The US government has warned that a surge in cocaine deaths is being exacerbated by the presence of fentanyl, a synthetic opioid 80-100 times stronger than morphine.

Correspondent Nick Bryant and cameraman Darren Conway report from Illinois on a worrying new trend in America’s opioid crisis.

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  1. War on drugs, Kill the addicts so the dealers have no one to sell to,, Goverment Must be in on it some, No one likes junkies.. if you aint high class Trump dont like yo ass.

  2. most fake cocaine is made with potassium nitrate crystals liquid lidocaine and caffeine powder. all dissolved in acetone and re concentrated with a copper rod. just smoke weed ppl.

  3. Its getting bad out there, I was a opiate addict, well im a recovering addict and its scary shit, i listen to my scanner to call of overdose ppl daily, and im in the middle of nowhere. Whats the point ffs?

  4. Actually occasionally Killing customers IS great for business.  All the addicts care about is getting the greatest high.  If someone DIED from that shit, then it must be the bomb !!!  Sounds crazy I know…but ask any police, first responders, or addicts and they will tell you that is the Truth !!!

  5. is the addictive aspect, and they buy in bulk so cheap when with small amounts and filler. you crave the drug so much more, in uk its being found in pills, mandy benzos. im guessing they way the see it is more fent, more addiction, thats how people overdose is when cutting they get greedy, and they are dealers at end of the. peoples well being doesnt mean shit to people at bigger levels

  6. You gotta love fake drugs lol if you want to make money you neveruse a blender with coke 2nd if you use a blender n fent everyone in the trap will of from the vape made by the blender that was baby poweder n baking soda LoL

  7. The war on drugs failed, because the government never killed the drug dealers. If you're gonna fight a war, you're gonna have to start doing some killing. The Philippines are actually waging a successful war against drugs because they're executing the drug dealers. In the US we put the dealers in country club prisons and then release them after a few years to go back to dealing.

  8. Who started this opioid epidemic? It was the doctors and big pharma. A few years ago the doctors were handing these pain pills out like candy, and got a lot of people hooked. When the states clamped down on the doctors and stopped their drug dealing, the addicts turned to the street dealers. Most of this Fentanyl comes from China through Mexico, so we need to build that wall. It won't stop all the drugs, but it will put a dent in the supply.

  9. What's wrong with America, looks like it's all about killing humans inside or outside the state.
    It has seriously something against innocent and vulnerable people no matter where they are.
    May God and Jesus protect whole humanity from any sort of devil and wickedness.Aamin

  10. Many existing and would be new users now won't even risk it, and the remaining users will die. This may have a longer term effect of wiping out the business once the public are aware of what's going on.

  11. Went to the hospital for surgery. They gave me Fentanyl, morphine and Percocet for my pain levels. All within 24hrs. I had the worst time at home, when I asked them for something to help with the sickness brought on by not taking the medication anymore they said they didn't help with "addiction" but offered to give me more Vicodin.
    There's your problem!

  12. The best advice was the say no to drugs campaign. People laughed about it, but if you don't start you don't have to worry about addiction and OD. Don't dabble, don't play with it. Just don't do it.

  13. This is sickening, people don’t care about KILLING someone, blame it on something or someone else. You going to hell and y’all know it. I pray for people who are addicted and hope they can fight it successfully, and to the dealers/ manufacturers, etc. – Human beings are capable of SO MUCH MORE but held back by greed, drugs, alcohol and any other degrading acts.

  14. I was on medical prescribed Fentanyl Patches 75mcg. I was becoming worse, and as I'm allergic to so many drugs I discussed it with my GP. I had to come off it very slowly as I've SLE, COPD and Asthma. It took over 5 and a half months. Finally at the beginning of September I did it, to discover my troubles with withdrawals wasn't over, you can still have dreadful symptoms and because of my immune system, goodness knows how long they will last. Despite that, I will never take them again. It's a dreadful drug and ought to be banned. It's the only drug I took without reading the leaflet, I was in such pain. I'm beginning to feel more like me, improving slowly, but it was killing me, yet didn't take the pain away.
    It's absolutely lethal.
    I don't know why they take it, I didn't feel happier, or high as they talk about, it's a killer. Thank goodness I realised it was making me worse and killing me instead of helping me.
    Please, don't touch it!!


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