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Chris Van Tulleken finds out how little cleaning you can get away with! Share your own household tips and tricks in the comments below.

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Date: December 4, 2019

34 thoughts on “The Dirtiest Thing In Your House | Brit Lab

  1. Don't use bleach or antibacterial soap, they are both highly toxic. Vinegar, baking soda and plain soap made with olive oil, sodium hydroxide and water, will do the job fine.

  2. ahem, mabey you should swab the washing machine door seal based on the 'smell' theory, since 1 study found 43% of washing machines had E-coli going round, mabey we should change on how we wash, not when we wash. iv'e come across a few machines in my life that stick worse than a sewer, and i have a poor sense of smell. meanwhile my own smell like brand new machines with a hint of surf.

  3. Just think our underwear or knickers would be full of germs being the first point of contact for a fart.
    But I once saw a little sign in a house that read, "A home should be clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy". In other words there's no need to install an air lock between the outside and inside of your home.
    Just think there a millions of microbes and bacteria all crawling about on our bodies right now and when you kiss the one you love you swap bacteria and no one seems to mind.

  4. "If it smells clean it"….

    If I went by that my bed sheets would never change, which I actually do go by that….. But my cat has a habit of throwing up hairballs on my bed, making me have to clean my sheets more frequently.

  5. the trick with dish cloths is to wash them in the sink once you are done with the dishes and then pour some soap on them squish the soap through the cloth and then wring it out while leaving it soapy.

  6. I am wondering how the bathroom sink (which from what I have seen are mostly porcelain like most toilets) compares to the kitchen sink (most of which that I have seen are stainless steel).

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