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  1. By putting his dumb pals [ NB: turkeys never know they're being fattened up – Rees Mugg, Raaabid, Andrea Loathsome et al ] into high office, BJ is using them as sandbags and blimps to take the 'flak' and the doodlebugs from J Foreigner when all those 'easy' Brexit talks go wrong; the plan from BJ turns out to be a bit of a bluff; that Brexit was as sensible as Hitler invading Russia and they realise that the yanks aren't going to swoop in to save them. Hope that's enough WW2 refs for y'all? Go on – mention the Blitz spirit. It always helps. It'll all be over by Christmas.
    I've put a £100 on the 'supermarket manager out of his depth' Raab being the first to quit. Hilarious.

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  2. Did you notice the longer he stayed in the sunlight the more dust clouded the picture? Anyhow, what did he mean by "we look forward to wearing what the new Prime Minister wants"? That's weird.

  3. France does not have any group of people called "Anglophones"

    Where do "Anglophones" come from in the republic of Cameroon?

    "Anglophones" are a country of their own.

    They were formally known as Southern Cameroons.

    They came into a union with the French Cameroon and today they are called "Anglophones"

    Please, if the union is not working, for God's sake, let them separate!!!

    Why beating about the bush when people are dying?

    Is it because you want to feed evil spirits with innocent blood?

    Allow Ambazonians to enjoy their peace! Thank you very much!

  4. I doubt the trade agreement with the US will be remotely what Brits hope for. It will be much worse than what Britain had with the EU. I think all Brits know it would be best to stay in the EU, but since the Brexiteers had such a big mouth, they can't cancel it anymore without losing face.
    The EU will make an example of the UK, to deter other EU countries from similar experiments.

  5. Ah the BBC a pro European company… paid for by the public, I dont mind that the interviewer asks loaded questions.. I do mind that I have to pay this buffoon to do so

  6. The Brits have to go – THe Britain Trump,´s Boris takes over but with a Deal? – Oh no! We had May´s plan a and plan b without success. IS Boris May? No! I think so why a deal? I love all the wrong deals our governments but enough ist enough! Poor Scots and Irtish people they will pay the price!

  7. Again the BBC doesn't field intelligent "reporters", just bias opinionated seekers of conflict. Why are the people of the UK paying, under threat of prison for non-payment and especially over 70s, for this anti-UK propaganda?

    Of course, the EU State will demand what it wants. That does not make a negotiation. The EU Treaty was never negotiated nor concluded. It is irrelevant now, as is the lie about a 'need' for the Irish backstop (the Irish Government, who only seek to serve the EU and believe they now speak for the EU, has nothing to do with UK leaving the EU).

    Barnier is a sound negotiator but his mandate is far from sound.

    The EU is mandated to serve the people of Europe, not itself. It is intended to facilitate trade between European Nations for the stability and wellbeing of society.

    The UK is leaving.

    If the EU forces the UK to leave before a trade agreement can be agreed it will show why the UK must leave; for it will damage both the economy and employment of the people across Europe and the UK instead of making a logical and balanced agreement for the good of those people.

    Perhaps, the real challenge is with self-serving egos of UK 'politicians' who are stopping the will of the UK people they serve. Whenever the election comes these duplicitous careerists must be deselected.

  8. So cringy, the interviewer is so fishing for the answers he wants its unbelievable to watch. Thought by the end he'd try shoving a script in his face so he'd answer the way he wants

  9. To say he's the EU's BREXIT negotiator is way off mark – his title should be Dictator. He's no latitude at all for negotiating.
    Basically the EU have dictated the terms at the start of the BREXIT process – remember they wanted the following items sorted BEFORE talking about trade:-

    1) Divorce settlement cost
    2) Sorting out Ex Pats

    Then stated:-
    3) No single market access without free movement of people
    4) No access to external markets if we stay in the customs union

    Then after all that they dump a couple of tomes full of bullshit in front of May and call it a deal.

    Not much negotiating going on there.

  10. Like changing it right now would be more annoying than its worth, but one day I'd like to see the law change where if a ruling party changes its leaders and policies significantly from what they said in the last election that it would trigger a general election automatically

  11. Though potentially, I may be politically more where Boris is, even if I'm not a Boris fan of any description, its a rather odd set rules in our system in which the public will vote for a party in an election, and then afterwards the party can change leader and the incumbent will have radically different policies that no one voted for, its odd right? That's an odd feature of what were doing here

  12. Now there’s a thing the NHS is going to be renamed UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE for the poorest in the uk the Americans and the uk have held talks on which companies are going to run the hospital trusts this man cummings is the driving force that’s going to make it happen?

  13. Boris picks a great timing for the no deal, he can finally make Britain a tax haven for banks and oligarchs and turn NHS into a private insurance system. Great

  14. By orderly brexit he means customs union. That's not brexit and we aren't falling for it. Negotiate based on the terms of the mandate or no deal is the only realistic option to honour the referendum.

  15. Hopefully Boris will grow a pair of balls and tell this huge Leftwing commie state where to go ?

    There's only been Maggie Thatcher with any backbone in the Tory party !
    Love her ? Or hate her ? But she wouldn't of handled BREXIT 🇪🇺 LIKE THIS

    The EU 🇪🇺 shithole owes BRITAIN 🇬🇧 Billions of pounds 💷 for ruining our meat 🐮 🐷🐑 industry !

    And Trillions of pounds 💷 for turning our nation into a multicultural CESSPIT !

  16. So he says there will be a no, NO deal BREXIT shows how desperate they are to keep their cash cow 🐄 in corrupted EU , no DEAL out and negotiations after we leave don't get involved with this MAFIA again 💩💩

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