Today we are going to do the famous General Tso’s Chicken. The dish is named after Tso Sung Tang, a Qing dynasty politician. However, I bet he never tried this dish because it’s this dish was invented in New York by a Chinese immigrant.

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  1. Hi. I watched a few videos on this dish. I'm trying to find correct way to Mk it that it's not a puffy batter hit very very crispy. I like it when the chick pieces are hard. Thanks so much.

  2. Thank you for sharing, I it is better to marinate the chicken pieces for at least 1/2 an
    hr to hrs in the fridge as the liquid is not absorbed into the meat. It should be dry after marinated. And you can use 1/2 of the oil to deep fry the chicken.

  3. Hello Cici. I am from Calgary Alberta Canada. In 1975 at the Silver Inn a chef named George Wong made a crispy beef with sauce dish called Ginger Beef. Still today It is a must have (go to) dish when ordering Westernized Chinese dishes. Every Chinese restaurant in Canada has it on their menu. Don't confuse it with the Americanized (not fried) Ginger Beef. Can you show us how to make it? Love from Calgary "YAHOO"

  4. There are no good Chinese restaurants on the Pungo Prairie. And I love good Chinese! So thanks to you now CiCi, I can learn how to make your delicious dishes right here in the Pungo Prairie Saloon! Awesome!

  5. I make this dish often, and I must say that this recipe is the best one so far! It is the first one that actually adds dried red pepper.. I use red and green fresh thai chilis. I love the chili oil! I am using only this recipe for this dish from now on!
    Thank you!


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