The Humanitarian Crisis In Plain Sight On The Streets Of L.A. | NBC News


Homelessness in L.A. has shot up 47% in just the last few years, from roughly 36,000 in 2012 to 53,000 in 2018. And 75% of L.A.’s homeless live on the streets, leaving the LAPD and Sanitation Department overwhelmed and the homeless with nowhere to go.
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The Humanitarian Crisis In Plain Sight On The Streets Of L.A. | NBC News


Date: September 22, 2019

29 thoughts on “The Humanitarian Crisis In Plain Sight On The Streets Of L.A. | NBC News

  1. A lot has changed in the past year when this video was made. The homeless now have unlimited areas to defecate and won't be arrested, even in public. The mayor is overwhelmed and intimidated by the job. He thinks about this problem about every 3 or 4 months when he is reminded by 1000 311 calls for help in the clean-up. He continues to give money to these people, billions have been poured into the homeless, like the $700,000.00 dollar (yes, I said $700,000.00 dollars) per living unit that the city built to place one person. If you multiply that by 60,000 it'll take trillions to put them in houses and then those house will get trashed or burned. Then what? A good percentage will not want to live anywhere BUT the streets. What do you do then? . How many citizens of California do you target to pay for all this? How many pockets to pick. At some point the wage earners will run out of money, or just move. Then who do you extort money from when they're gone? Newsom took the .80 cents added to gasoline (which was supposed to improving roads) to give to the homeless situation. He is misappropriating money from one fund and using it on his pet project or projects to shut people up.

  2. ..how about some cheap house for all those people ..all the millionaires should come down and take a personne at random and by them a house and change their life they could do it..there is more millionaire than people on the street in la

  3. How about you get rid of the whole sanctuary state or city policy, secure the border and stop giving tax payer funded benefits to illegal immigrants and start deporting them as well. This will decrease the demand for houses which will cause the prices to go down, less workers mean that wages will go up which helps the normal people. You also strictly enforce drug and other laws. Don't give people fines for sleeping on the sidewalks and other dumb nonsense, as homeless people won't be able to pay them anyway and it frees up the courts. You don't necessarily need to spend more money on this problem as I have a feeling giving homeless people free housing will only make it worse as it becomes more attractive for homeless people to come to the state. This complete and utter disaster is purely caused by the policies of the democratic lawmakers.

  4. Just vote Democrat they said… Everyone gets free health care and a puppy they said… So that's what they did and now they are doing the same thing to Austin TX that they did to LA, Detroit, DC, Cleveland, Atlanta, NYC, and…. and…. and….

  5. The voting population of California must love this. They have been voting for it for decades.
    And there it is the entire reason Democrats want the homeless problem to grow. $430 million dollar. It is another way to generate money for special interest.

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