Kenya’s Masai Mara is one of the best places in Africa to see the continent’s largest cat. Lions have lost 90% of their historical range with less than 25,000 in the wild. We set out to understand what is putting lions in danger—even in protected areas.

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  1. Mankind is without a doubt the scum of the planet. This planet is NOT OURS ITS THIERS TOO even more so. We think because we have weapons we can own everything. Well good luck when its time to answer for what you have done to all the magnificentvwildlife put here to live NOT BE KILLED OFF OR HAVE ALL THIER LAND OR HABITATS TAKEN FROM THEM.

  2. Wow!! I love this show so much. Watching the big Daddy's playing and loving on their babies is absolutely priceless!! Most of the time the big daddy's don't have the tolerance and patience for affection from their babies. Every once in a while I see it but it's definitely not often. And then to sit in there sharing the shade with the Pride, again priceless. Thank you so much for bringing these amazing video's to us.

  3. I’m literally screaming! Johnathan Scott is back!!! I dont have animal planet but omg what a throwback to Big Cat Diary days! I love this so much! I will hunt this show down and watch it! OHMYGOD I AM SO EXCITED.

  4. Animal Planet, it would be great if you could please add some clips of the Irwins from this week of shows about Steve's older shows for us fans that can't get Animal Planet either online or at home. It's not available in my region. Thanks!

  5. Lions have a been an inspiration for characters of Aslan of the chronicles of Narnia, Simba Nala Sarabi Mufasa & Scar From The Lion King & Of Course Tiifu Zuri Kiara & Kion From The Lion Guard.


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