The man who shaped the history of hot air balloons – BBC News


For more than half a century, Scotland-born Don Cameron has been a pioneer in the world of hot air balloons.

He built and flew western Europe’s first modern hot air balloon in 1967, before founding his company Cameron Balloons from the basement of his flat.

The company has since become one of the world’s largest balloon manufacturers, making hundreds of balloons each year.

It is the market leader in special-shaped balloons, producing the likes of Darth Vader, Vincent van Gogh and a dinosaur.

Video by Morgan Spence

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Date: February 21, 2020

41 thoughts on “The man who shaped the history of hot air balloons – BBC News

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  2. In 2023 the BBC celebrate their centenary as a 'public service broadcaster'. Can we start a campaign to be totally rid of this poisonous organisation by then? The thought of them being allowed to splash taxpayers' cash around on a full year of self-congratulatory back-slapping as they shove their 'success' down the UK's throat is nauseating.

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  6. The bbc receive nearly £5 billion in income a year and yet they can't even be bothered to report the news on youtube in a timely fashion. 

    What utter contempt they have for us all.

    The bbc poll tax needs to be decriminalized.

  7. Great. Informative human-interest story. See how well the BBC does when it informs instead of preaches? (and not a Trump Blimp in sight. That must have taken a lot of restraint. Well done)

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