The men having penis fillers to boost their self-esteem – BBC News


Penis fillers, designed to increase the organ’s girth, have gained in popularity, cosmetic surgery groups say.

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Penis fillers, designed to increase the organ’s girth, are gaining in popularity – despite warnings over complications. Two men tell the BBC why they are not ashamed to have them.

A penis filler is a liquid – usually hyaluronic acid – which is injected into the soft tissue under the skin of the shaft.
It is a non-surgical procedure and can be done in a matter of hours at a specialist clinic. It costs around £3,000 a time.

It is designed to increase a man’s flaccid girth, usually by one or two centimetres in circumference – depending on the amount injected – and lasts for around 18 months.


Date: August 7, 2020

42 thoughts on “The men having penis fillers to boost their self-esteem – BBC News

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  6. A Large Penis is like a sledge hammer, brings blunt force and overwhelmes thru sheer mass. A small Penis is like a scalpel, a precision tool that can aim at specific spots that larger appendage can bypass and only rub against. Both have advantages and disadvantages in their own right. Also consider, that vaginas also come in different shapes and sizes… as such certain "pressure points" vary in location depending on the person.

    In certain situations, smaller dicks, depending on their angle can work like a darts that target specific points that a larger penis would just (like a pipe), move past that spot. Imagine (you perv) the full force of a penis at the right angle hitting that target / spot over and over…

    Advantages and disadvantages, case by case. On the psychological side of things, people tend to forget that different people want different things – and problems come from people who feel "inadequate" wanting to have a "one size fits all" solution to a "problem" with a one sided perception (i.e. men thinking women have a stronger desire to have something inserted into them the bigger it looks) …
    :3 – cough – uhh yeah, this something "a friend" told me XD

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