The Men Who Escaped From Death Row And Ran Into The Wilderness | Escape From Death Row | Wonder


Virginia’s “escape-proof” Death Row is a cage, and the men who reside there are animals. But one Spring day in 1984, some of the animals got out.

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Date: May 12, 2020

28 thoughts on “The Men Who Escaped From Death Row And Ran Into The Wilderness | Escape From Death Row | Wonder

  1. KOS,  filmed during REPUB RONNIE RAGAN TIME !! ENOUGH SAID!!! Also, it cost $$$$ 60k+ $$$$ in Tax Dollars to 'house one' person on Death Row for ^^^ONE YEAR^^ !!!!!! So the ^^^CRULE & UNUSAL PUNISHMENT ^^^^ is """BETOWED""" on the """ TAX PAYING VICTIMS in RAISE TAXES to "house", KILLERS!!! At 76+ four took ne out and nothing!! Our NON-JUSTICE system has ^  EVOLVED to become ^^^ GREEDD over JUSTICE^^^, GREED over GOD ^^^ GREED over ^^^LIFE ^^^^ PERIOD $$$$$$$ HELL NO! No More, USA TAX LEGAL LAW ABIDING PAYERS FIRST, PERIOD!! GET THIS VIROL if can!! FB Jail again!! ""William Lowe & or William Bill"!!

  2. I remember when this happened.
    There is NOTHING on earth as dangerous as an escapee from death row .
    They have absolutely nothing to lose, they will kill everyone they come in contact with without hesitation or slight thought about it .

  3. Yeah …to correct the problem …you implemented rules and regulations, and heaped more responsibility onto the backs of the guards, but the most important thing of all you left out, as usual… You didn't raise the rates of pay for the guards at all. It never entered your minds to actually make it worth the guards time and effort to follow the rules. Millions and Millions of dollars go through the prison system every day and you can't pay those guys that have such important jobs more than 13,000 dollars a year…. but you could come up with more responsibility for them to take on….. pathetic.

  4. They do this with security officers as well. They send a security officer to a level 4 lab in the research triangle park in Durham NC. to make sure the building is secure over night when no one else is there but the officer himself. They give the officer all the keys to every room in the entire building and tell the officer that there is billions of dollars worth the research and development recorded in the "SOPs" Standard Operating Procedures… and that there are other labs all over the world who would saw their legs off just to get that information and would pay millions to get their hands on it. This is a security officer working for a two bit security operation making 6 dollars an hour, who has the keys to every room in the entire lab. ,,, when these same keys aren't even given to top level staff, scientist, or Doctors, but yet just because this security officer is wearing a badge and looks official… they trust him and hand to him access to everything, plus inform him of how much money the SOPs are worth. People are stupid for the most part.

  5. Execution dates of escapees

    Linwood Briley – October 12, 1984

    James Briley – April 18, 1985

    Earl Clanton – April 14, 1988

    Derick Peterson – August 22, 1991

    Willie Leroy Jones – September 11, 1992

    Lem Tuggle – December 12, 1996

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