'The most beautiful metro in the world' – BBC News


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St Petersburg-born photographer Alexander Dragunov took the BBC on a tour of Stockholm’s metro system, and showed off some of his favourite stations on the network.

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Date: October 10, 2021

44 thoughts on “'The most beautiful metro in the world' – BBC News

  1. You opened my eye´s. Have always looked at the subway as something necessary evil to take me from point A to point B. I have never looked at the subway as a art exhibition.

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  3. I was in Stockholm, Moscow and Saint Petersburg metro, I liked Avtovo, Komsomolskaya, Kievskaya, Stockholms östra the most

  4. I mean to be fair, only some of the stations look like this, mainly on the ''blue'' line (COUGH GHETTO COUGH) were as the ''red'' and ''green'' lines are more above ground with pretty simple stations.

  5. BLUE
    Solna centrum
    Solna strand
    Sundbybergs centrum metro


    Tekniska högskolan

  6. Hahaha I who live in Stockholm is used to it so it's fascinating for me how others have such strong reactions to it

  7. What an expensive waste of money all completely deserted apart from the occasional solitary figure. A vanity project.

  8. To bad USA can't stop giving all the tax payer's money away or we could also have so wonderful buildings and airports ect.

  9. I was born in Stockholm Sweden and I LOVED THE Metro their. When I first got on the traina nd saw the the stations I laughed in awe when I was 10 weeks old! When we left the station entrance I burst into tears because I wanted to keep seeing the stations and metro! But I was only 10 weeks old. Now I visit Stockholm once a year.

  10. For all of to know, the Metro of Stockholm is the biggest art gallery in the world. In Sweden we have this thing. If we would expand the Metro (which we R doing right now), while the planers is doing their job to build more, the artistes is planing how the stations will look like and what art, and type of art they will show in every station. They work hand in hand. Every station has a theme that correlates with what is happening around the area of the station.

  11. Even tough i am not from sweden i know that there is one abandoned station wich was never completed. That station is in the Blue line. (Blue line 11 to Akalla)

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