The REAL story behind the viral sensation gymnast | Katelyn Ohashi | Rebels | BBC Sport


Why isn’t Katelyn Ohashi an Olympic gymnast?

Katelyn was one of the best gymnasts in the world until an injury ripped away her dreams and she struggled to come to terms with internet bullying. She rediscovered her love of the sport through college gymnastics and last year became known globally for her perfect ten routines when she hit viral fame.


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Katelyn Ohashi: The real story behind the viral sensation | Rebels | BBC Sport


Date: June 17, 2020

26 thoughts on “The REAL story behind the viral sensation gymnast | Katelyn Ohashi | Rebels | BBC Sport

  1. She has a black girl body, i love it,that is the body that turns men heads when you walking in public and the ppl who are body shaming her are jealous….. she is just perfect and she is definitely beautiful.

  2. don't understand why she'd even worry about what other people her age competing with her would even think, after seeing a few of her videos she's far better looking than the rest. if anything they should be inspired by her to do better.

  3. Katelyn people who body shamed you are jealous your talent and capabilitys are far above those who put you down. I see a talented beautiful happy young woman. Stay true to you and be blessed

  4. Ain’t no shame in that body, girl you just fine that’s all. I’m fine too but can’t do none of that, you are an inspiration and kind of amazing.

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