The Science of Lightning | National Geographic


National Geographic explores the science behind lightning strikes. Lightning strikes during thunderstorms kill more Americans each year than either tornadoes or hurricanes.
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The Science of Lightning | National Geographic

National Geographic


Date: June 17, 2020

37 thoughts on “The Science of Lightning | National Geographic

  1. Maybe we dont understand it because we mistake it for something else.
    Think about it….
    If you were an alien observant species, and you needed to land on earth for some reason, unseen, unnoticed. How would you do it?
    Would you create a vicious rainfall? Loud bangs? Terrifying death beams? Aka lightning lol. The rain to keep you inside, to distort your vision, distort your cameras. Lightning that kill you if in wrong place… Outside. Huge black clouds and dark grey sky to camouflage their presence.?……….. Maybe..

  2. I think its pretty obvious that is has to do with magnetic pulses between clouds and ground because it doesn't stop till it reaches something i mean its not like it stops mid air

  3. Lighting is powerful and dangerous to be used it can kill you if you had lighting could kill you because the more lighting you use the more you will put it in danger and uou might feel the sting on your body

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