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This provocative documentary draws on exclusive facts and footage and the authoritative views of royal experts to present a fresh look at the princes’ search for fulfilment and identity in the light of society’s need for ever-more-powerful fixes from the lives of the young and famous.

From Elizabeth II to Cleopatra, Real Royalty peels back the curtain to give a glimpse into the lives of some of the most influential families in the world, with new full length documentaries posted every week covering the monarchies of today and all throughout history.

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Date: July 5, 2020

39 thoughts on “The Scrutinised Life Of Harry & William | Prisoners Of Celebrity | Real Royalty

  1. Meghan doesn’t have your best interests. When making embarrassing speech’s. She’s full of herself. Wake up Harry and read what’s on U Tube and some other royals sites. She wasn’t even trying to help you because she’s very ill in the brain.. it’s not going to be as good as she says she lied to you so much and turned you into a pussy wiped. More so bolt. Good lucky july 3nd on jet home.hope you left her for good she laughs behind your back. Treats you badly. Get away from her before you feel very depressed and she’s going

  2. How I wish Diana was still alive. She might have been able to guide Harry a bit better. William is so much like Diana; he chose the right woman to be his wife and future Queen.

  3. I've heard that William is so dull he can barely walk and talk at the same time. He had to marry Kate or the crown would be doomed. Now she talks for him. She's his handler/ drool wiper. Lmao.

  4. This stupid woman said it wasn’t a Royal behavior I think behavior is human. They show case nonsense just for rating and profit. I wish you all would just leave HM alone.

  5. I watched Princess Diana's wedding and happily awaited the births and watched both these boys grow up and I have prayed for and rooted for them both all the way. This was a very well done tribute, still with pangs of sadness, but very respectfully done.

  6. 6/5/20….well Katie Nicholl was wrong. Katherine the Dutchess of Cambridge is beloved with 3 beautiful children w/William. And, well Harry boltholed in Tyler Perry's enormous mansion in LA with a clear narcissist who may be crushing his soul by many accounts…who would have ever predicted this, as yet unknown outcome for Prince Harry?

  7. The only scrutiny they get is from the media – the normal public are not too interested – just getting on with their lives not really caring too much about what the RF do. The media are the interested ones, saying it’s because the public are interested / which is a lie. They scrutinise and follow the royals to get pics sell stories in their newspapers. It’s a money spinner for them. Please don’t blame the public for the behaviour of the cut-throat, heartless, intrusive media. It’s for them to make money not to inform the public who, tbh, keep their noses out of other people business.

  8. The Royals have their problems just like anyone else. But they KNOW how to weather the the hard times and just "get on" with things! That IS true Royal behavior. The Royals like their privacy but NOW, they have to contend with this blotchy time in their usually orderly world, in the form of the saga of Harry and Meghan!
    Funny part of it is, that they are NOT truly "Royals" at all! Harry is NOT blood-line royal; Prince Charles TOLD him to his face, "I am NOT your father!" so Hen-pecked Harry and greedy moronic Meghan really have NO royal entitlement whatsoever, but are milking British taxpayers for all their worth! And the Brits hate it!
    Prince William, his beautiful wife and family have remained exemplary and worthy of the titles they have. It is the fervent hope of the rest of the Western world, that they rule when the Queen reaches the end of her lengthy, remarkable reign. Certainly no one wants Charles and witchy toper Camilla to rule!

  9. William is gorgeous!! Also very intelligent and has humility as can be seen during his one year living and working in the midst of extreme poverty in Chili all while serving and learning to cook, do laundry for himself and his cabin mates. His choice of a wife has proven perfect and their children are absolutely the cutest!! Kate is a wonderful wife and Mother who is very respected and admired. She doesn’t spend alot on her clothes but looks fabulous and perfect all of the time!!Diana and Charles have raised a king in every sense of the meaning!!

  10. William will make a wonderful king when the time comes he is his mothers son so much like Diana has her charisma and compassion he has a beautiful wife and family he will be the king of hearts Diana would be so proud loads of love from Bonnie Scotland xx

  11. Kate and William are a very deserved respected couple they show love Honor and are loving parents they show respect for the Queen and any and everyone else in the world God bless 🙏 them and the Queen and Harry and Archie

  12. So much compassion for the princes.Yes, it broke my heart. They had a mother who loved them. Do you have that much compassion for children in your neighborhood who lost their parents? Ok, we grieved the loss of their mother. But royalty lives in their own world. Many of us humble, lower class, have also lost our mothers. Does anyone care about us? You have so much compassion for royalty. They are people no different than us. But, they were born into royalty. Many are plain ignorant, but are worshiped. Do you have the same compassion for your friends who have lost their mother? They are children of God as are we. They fell into it and think they are special.The people pay for their lifestyle. But, if they truly believe in the Word of God, they don't follow it because they believe they are above it all.
    Continue paying for the Royal Family and struggle to support your family.What happened to Princess Diana was horrible. Her sons are well cared for.I don't negate the loss of their mother, because they are left with the loser father! If you want to have compassion, think about those children in the U.S. and world-wide who loose their parents. Maybe you bleeding hearts can support them financially.

  13. i feel sorry for harry its not his fault he's a ginger twit whatever possessed him to marry her the biggest mistake he will ever make in life i think he will regret it in the future.

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