The SECRET organized mail & receipts! (NO MORE CLUTTER!)


You asked so here it is! In this video we tackle how to organize, store and access paperwork, bills, receipts, mail and more. Conquering mail clutter! I’ll show you two powerful systems that really work!

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💙Hanging Files:
💙BEST filing system (one shown here):

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Date: October 14, 2020

28 thoughts on “The SECRET organized mail & receipts! (NO MORE CLUTTER!)

  1. I'm sorry, but I feel like this is horrible advice. By month? All my car documents (oil changes etc) need to go in the SAME file folder for when I sell my car or whatnot. On a budget? Who has that much storage space. I fear someone young will try this system and it just won't work and the'll suffer a lot for it. (No joke – not finding important documents when you need them is no good.) I don't know – maybe this does work. It just doesn't seem like a good idea at all to me. The first part about FILE, ACTION, or TAX docs was cool (those pesky tax docs – gotta collect them). Sounds like GETTING THINGS DONE. It seemed like he changed the way a generation of people think and organize and how they think about organizing. I only left a comment bc I hope some young person doesn't follow this system and then fall short…maybe you can elaborate on how you find items you need etc and go into more detail? It's a busy busy life for most hard working people…and we need things quick fast and organized.

  2. Maybe I am stubborn, or maybe I still don't fully understand the benefits of her Odd/Even year separated by months. I still prefer my filing method by different types: i.e bank A, bank B, tax, insurance, contracts .. etc. Cos if filing by month … sometimes u are not sure which month it happened. Whereas, if its file by Type (which u surely cannot miss), and in chronological order, you can surely track the specific letter u want to track!

  3. I know that you were/are a teacher. Do you have any ideas on how to organize school paperwork, copies, paperwork, work, etc? I get overwhelmed by it.

  4. Im an aspiring actor and I have some questions… know your husband does your editing but I was hoping you could let me know what kind of lighting, video and editing equipment you use?

  5. I didn’t understand where the odd year files went- they went to temporary storage? Where is that? What does that mean? Please explain.
    I would love to simplify my filing system.

  6. Excellent video and system. I am going to try it. Paper is one of the biggest issues to true organization in my household. Now I am hopeful!! Thanks again, Gigi

  7. What is the best, less-stressed way to sort, organize, & declutter a pile of paperwork, old documents, old photos, & memorabilia? Some I want to keep or preserve (news clippings)/ photos and most I want to discard or burn. It is contained in several boxes…in a storage unit…HELP!

  8. But how, on earth, would you possibly remember 3 months down the road which month folder that city water bill is in? I think the filing method is assuming you are not behind on your bills lol

  9. Remembering the month would not work for me. lol My system is just two small (portable) hanging file folder bins. One for monthly bills, the other for long term storage. I do have a "catch all" box for papers I don't feel like filing at the moment. Every January I "shred" old bills. I absolutely despise paperwork. But, this system keeps me organized and from banging my head on the wall.

  10. I use to do my filing this way but now I have something even simpler. But then we are older now and we can go simpler.

  11. I love your videos! My husband's uncle is a very nice guy. But he is a paper hoarder! I have warned my husband of what he is in for when this man passes! He only has paths in his house. I hope he never has a fire, because it would be just terrible!

  12. I love the file by month idea! Personally I cannot handle an action folder because I can't see into it. I have a wall mount magazine rack that is see-through wire mesh. It holds my bills or anything else that is time sensitive. It really cuts down on my procrastination and/or poor memory issues. 🙂

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