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In this opening episode of Cheating Vegas, we learn the classic tricks and scams that vegas cheaters pull to get away with millions. We learn how to spot a cheater and follow the story of basketball match-fixing and how it ruined one young man’s life.

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Cheating Vegas reveals a world we’ve heard of but have never really seen up close—behind the closed doors of Las Vegas casino security. Featuring hidden-camera videos, reenactments, and interviews with the top gaming investigators in the business, each episode will take viewers inside some of the most daring and elaborate scams in gaming history.

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Date: May 23, 2020

48 thoughts on “The Secret Underworld Of Vegas Gambling | Cheating Vegas S1 EP1 | Wonder

  1. The bookie and Smith only bet the first 1/2 line since the game line got hyper inflated. They play horrible in the first collect their money and go on to win the game making it harder to track that he was fixing it.

  2. "Cheater's always think they're smarter, but rest assured."
    HAHAHAHAHAHA! What Head of Security made then say that??
    Casino gaming has HISTORICALLY been playing catch up to cheating scams.
    It may be cat and mouse, yet the mouse still exists. JS And you can quote me on that.

  3. lmao , The so called legitimate casinos are one of the biggest cartels of thugs, cheaters and thieves of all time . These individual civilian cheaters are like angels compared to the Las Vegas Casino owners and shareholders .

  4. Ironic hearing that casino guy call someone a "bad guy", no doubt the cheaters are bad guys for sure but casinos preying on peoples gambling addictions, alcoholism and everything else are most certainly "bad guys" themselves…

  5. I don't have a good financial stability but even if by some miracle or, the best solution, things go better at work, I will NEVER EVER set foot in a casino, domestic or abroad.
    By doing that, there's 0% chance of me losing money at the slots or the tables and I advice people not to do so as well. Use your money to buy something for yourselves or those around you or go on a trip.

  6. The biggest con's are casino's. Every first time gambler always wins beginners luck then after you get fkd. Salutes to every and anyone who can cheat and get over and win big$$$$$

  7. It’s all bluffing. I got only one camera at my retail store. To catch a thief, I need to manually watch hours of videos. Imagine you have thousands of cameras. Unless it’s AI driven image recognition, the more cameras the more bluffing.

  8. How to sell simple tape recordings as sci-fi: "we can travel back in time by scrolling backwards!" Such advertisement strategies would be funny if they would not be so insulting to everyones intelligence…

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