The States + territories of India EXPLAINED Geography Now!


By popular demand here comes our next country explained by administrative division, #INDIA! Hope you guys like this one!
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Date: September 21, 2019

32 thoughts on “The States + territories of India EXPLAINED Geography Now!

  1. India is GN's #1top Asian subscribed country so no shocker after I made the Brazil states video, we had a TON of requests for India. Well, here you go! Which country should we do for the NEXT filler week? Also fun fact, Ken was sitting on the couch the entire time. Anyway I have to research MEXICO! So excited, stay tuned!

  2. Bharat invaded/attacked by Muslim countries from year 636 to 1761,and Christian Europiya countries from year 1757 to 1947.
    Bhartiya beat them both.

    but invaders still holed up.The Bhartiya-muslim partition of Bharat,1947.
    but then half of Pakistanis ask for Bhartiya citizenship(1947-52),now Pakistani-Bhartiya community around 200 million.
    this makes parition null and void,Bharat should regain all Bhartiya territory.

  3. Actually have to agree about Goa and Russians, even since we’ve been there with my grandmother she dreams to come back. Great food, prices and white, kinda “screechy” sand because of the amount of salt in the water. Although never heard anything crazy about our folks in this area.

  4. How can you make a full video about a country you claim to know nothing about? "So, for what I´ve heard, these guys work a lot" "Yeah, so it seems people here really like this book…" My god, could this `Geography lesson´ be any more American?…. Do some research, dude, even if it is Wikipedia, it´s fine.

  5. Wish I could go to India but I'm afraid to go there. I been scammed by an Indian and left a really bad taste in my mouth. Of course, probably not all Indians are bad but just makes me less trusting of Indian folks. A shame because I like Indian food, especially curry and chicken tika masala. I want to visit the Taj Mahal too but the people…

  6. Hi Barbs –

    As a born-and-raised Delhi-ite (the proper demonym :)) I'd just like to say that the Delhi/New Delhi split is and has always been a meaningless distinction. Yes, Delhi is made up of many different districts (first one, then seven, then nine, and now currently eleven) and even different "cities" (used to be three, currently six) but these splits have been done for administrative convenience, not any cultural or historical reason. I would argue that when a native says "Delhi" or "New Delhi" they ALWAYS refer to the entire union territory (or NCT of Delhi if you are being specific). The names are interchangeable and used so, mostly depending on how hot it is and if you have the energy to say one word or two.

    If anything, with the new Metro and increased ease of traffic with the expressways the meaning of "Delhi" is expanding to include the large satellite towns of Ghaziabad (in UP), Faridabad, and Gurgaon (both in Haryana) as well. The last one, Noida (in UP) has been considered a virtual neighbourhood in Delhi for it's entire existence 🙂

  7. Things you missed about UK.. UttaraKhand (dev-bhoomi=God's land) state (formerly known as uttaranchal) was the part of UP. Separated in 9nov2000 due to bad governance and feeling uncared by uttarakhand people as it mostly consist hilly areas with zero development at that time..you must mention cities of uttarakhand like haridwar (moksha city) , risikesh(beatles were here at 1968, saint city),nainital(city of lakes) ,kausani(Switzerland of india~gandhi), neem karoli temple(bill gates, mark zuckerburg and few more renowned peole hv been there), this state has many locations for trekking/Hiking lovers…..
    And… You are awesome 🌺

    Soon you will have to upload a new video were pok is the part of Kashmir india with no disputes😂😂

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