The story of a poor man and his wife


A very poor man had a beautiful wife. His wife had luscious and beautiful long hair that she loved and adored. One day, her hair clip broke and she wanted a new one to take care of her hair.
“Honey, can you please bring me a new hair clip?” asked the wife.
“I’m sorry, honey, I can’t even afford to get my broken watch strap fixed.” Husband said with a heavy heart. His wife did not insist on her request.
As the husband was walking to work, he passed by a watch shop. He suddenly thought of something. “Why don’t I just sell my watch for a little money to get my wife her hair clips?”
So he sold his watch with the broken strap at a low price and bought his wife new hair clips.
As he got home that night, he was shocked to see his wife with short hair.
“Honey, I sold my long hair to the salon and bought you a new watch band.” She said with a smile on her face.
Tears started rolling down her husband’s eyes as he gave her the hair clips he got for her.
We all have to make sacrifices for the ones we love. Material things and beauty won’t last forever, true love will. Never take love for granted.


Date: July 9, 2020

39 thoughts on “The story of a poor man and his wife

  1. First off, what kind of shit job did the guy have that he couldn’t even afford a hair clip? And if they were so fucking poor, why didn’t the lazy bitch go out and find work instead of sitting around brushing her hair. But the way, she was sued by the salon that bought her hair, because it was full of lice. Now the two dipshits don’t have anything and live under a bridge.

  2. The greatest gift between man and wife is sharing love between them,but most of the couple's aren't; I wish that poor man was me n that butyful long hair was mi wife……..

  3. it's heart touching story, this true love is more than a religion, you are ready to give all you have this love is like you love your God you respect your love more than anyone you push away this bright beautiful world for your love only

  4. This is old story the gift of magai something like this. I forget the name. Keep with u. This world hasn't value of woo. Only value has money. So runway from me. I don't trust any girl.

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