The Story Of Pencil And Eraser – Very Inspirational One


27 thoughts on “The Story Of Pencil And Eraser – Very Inspirational One

  1. Our sir made us watched this video and almost all of us cried then sir explained the true meaning of this video then again sir made us get a paper fold it into 4 sides,cut the middle and every side needs to have 1 name each whether its your mom, dad, sister, brother or your friends then the middle that has been cut out needs to have a letter I in the middle then sir 1 by 1 says "then god said its time to take no. 4 out of your life"and then so on until it reached no. 1 then sir said"if this happened in reality with you just all by yourself make the choice rip the paper with the letter I telling you dont want to live anymore or keep the letter I saying you want to keep thriving through?"We legit cried full out sirs lesson its so emotional. Thanks to the owner of the vid your the best and especially you dude!

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