The Story of These Miracle Puppies Will Make Your Day


A woman and her daughter bring in their pregnant Rottweiler who is struggling to give birth to two more puppies. Dr. Blue and his team jump into action to save this brave mama and her pups.

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Date: November 19, 2019

40 thoughts on “The Story of These Miracle Puppies Will Make Your Day

  1. I'm glad that they kept that last one. As a c-section baby myself, and the son of a veterinarian who used to breed and show dogs, that big boi will be such a spark of life in their home

  2. Dude when the second puppy started crying I literally began breathing again…I know how big it is for a vet to hear those cryings at a c-section, and when you hear the little crying of a puppy/kitty your whole body relaxes and you say "okay, we did it momma"

  3. I really love watching ur videos, especially this one because I have a German Rottweiler and I am happy to know u also have a Rottweiler. Too bad u can't have the one that held up the other ones arrival. I wished i had two but my Damarco is double trouble all by himself.

  4. He was an affirmative action acceptance to vet school. He said “ I need y’all to get prep” and the owner waited almost 24 hours before she took it to the vet. There is a reason why black people have failed as a race for thousands of years they lack intelligence

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