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The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman focuses on topics of our shared humanity. Each of the six episodes will look at a force that has shaped humans since the beginning of time: power, belief, rebellion, war & peace, freedom and love. Morgan again travels around the world to meet people – from powerful world leaders, to ordinary people with extraordinary stories – to hear stories that are relatable on a global scale. “The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman” premieres Wednesday, October 11 on National Geographic.
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The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman | National Geographic

National Geographic


Date: November 6, 2019

50 thoughts on “The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman | National Geographic

  1. On Febreaury 21th of 2016 Evo Morales lost a referendum to amend the constitution of Bolivia in order to be reelected for the fourth time, he is ignoring this election and is today a candidate for the elections of 2019, using illegal maneuvers like Chavez did in his time (exactly the same ones).
    He is today a dictator with many implications in narcotrafic, illegal use of power and corruption.
    He was a hope for all bolivians and ends up being our worst nightmare.

  2. National Geographic is not so objective anymore.Pure Deep State lies on political events.Morgan Freemen is so happy with Pakistan arrange marriage in London,Clinton God bless voice.This is a Story about them and we have real Story about US

  3. It's sad when movies like this have to be made with the purpose of convincing humans that they are similar. I mean, we are all on the SAME tiny blue planet, with the SAME basic needs and SAME biological elements/composition. Not one person or group is 'special'. If that's not enough, then I don't know what is. Those with superiority complex and without a moral conscious will likely not change their ignorant ways of thinking and actions. It's unfortunate but humans as a whole will likely never get along and see the world objectivley…just too many tainted and opposing views. I'm cringing writing this because of how grim it all sounds. But on a positive note, Freeman's voice is great as usual.

  4. People have become selfish. While we used to live in Communities where people help one another. In today's World so much hate & violence which tolerated & continued until people know nothing else. The programs on the Television, the games, videos have gone from 'Family orientated' to murder, rape, all violence. Have you gone too far into violence that we can't turn back to a Peaceful world? I think we Humans are our own worst enemies & will end up destroying ourselves & the planet we all share & live on.

  5. I look forward to seeing this series. They could not pick a better narrator than Morgan Freeman. I think this documentary will be a success as well as „The story of God”. A must watch documentary !

  6. 1)Revenge begets more revenge; justice provides closure.
    2) Revenge is one-sided and motivated by self-interest, justice is impartial.
    3) Carrying out revenge is a weapon; carrying out justice is a shield/form of protection.
    4) Revenge is driven by emotion; justice is driven by logic and rationality.

  7. Amazing!! National Geographic is killing it… they know how to stay hip and cool with millennials and make great content. Can't wait to see this, looks amazing. Good job adjusting the modern world!

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