The Struggles of our Life


21 thoughts on “The Struggles of our Life

  1. Well I didn't watch the video or whatever , I'm glad that I don't take my problem and put it on my parents or anybody. It's funny cuz nobody knows what I like . Hey when it's time for me than I just do what I have to. I know my kids and they know me and that's all it matter to me. So anybody thinks if they hurts or talks about me that I'm think I care than that's why I'm by myself right now. I like when most people did something than I do another one 😆

  2. I'm guessing at all times most people were some people can be one of either pending on the situation you know life what can hit you with boiling water a lot or person can hit you with boiling water a lot and like you said I guess it's just perspective

  3. usless steaming load of crap, many people do the very best they can and still fail, there are things in life that are beyond our control, sometimes help comes, sometimes it comes too late ,sometime it doesn't come at all

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