The Struggles of our Life


26 thoughts on “The Struggles of our Life

  1. usless steaming load of crap, many people do the very best they can and still fail, there are things in life that are beyond our control, sometimes help comes, sometimes it comes too late ,sometime it doesn't come at all

  2. Although I agree with this lesson in principle, it’s sometimes difficult to make the best of things when you are bombarded with one crisis after another with little space between. That’s where faith can move mountains and help us to cope. I know it’s helped me.

  3. Lessons Taught By Life is one of my favourite channel. It refreshes my mind and encourages my soul to do my best .It introduces the world in beautiful way and the morals are really very awesome I always like to see it ……..A big Thankyou for the vedios that u make …….❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Thank you with these wonderful videos filled with wisdom you are such a blessing …I started watching your videos this week they are really helping me alot …you are the best …..you make me realize that life is a blessing filled with love ….loved from Zimbabwe 😍🤩😍💖

  5. Once common fare, wisdom's delectable palate we could partake in to feed one's soul exceedingly on behalf of well- being. Elemental messages accrued elevate towards higher ground or prospect awakened an advantage given over life's travails., in many problems traversed along the way.
    Meaning misplaced by transient diversions bombardment, a trifling constant pelting 'systems go' in us achieved stall in eventual stalemate, have literally 'starved' the soul what's brightly illuminate in just promise the intellect expanded upwards., enhancing over an above melancholy observances, farther soaring beyond everyday mundane. Thus we enlarged in capacity can encompass of understanding more in extraordinaire. We are capable persons if coordinates, as bearings set forth the course are true in sufficiency aligned in generously 'fed' ourselves the wonder, as profound beauty of wisdom's reach entailed each and every one endowed-of proficiency.

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