The Teacher (very touching story)


28 thoughts on “The Teacher (very touching story)

  1. I have been teaching for more than 25 years and have always tried to win the heart of the students. I am still more inspired to understand the problem of the students as well as teaching after watching this video.

  2. I was a dedicated AP tenured secondary senior teacher who was fired by the Prince George’s County Public School Board on behalf of my principal, Nakia Nicholson who charged me with teacher incompetence and ruined my credentials. The students knew what kind of teacher that I was but that did not help me retain my job. I still find myself looking at old yearbooks and remembering a lot of my students with pleasant memories.

  3. Half of teachers leave the profession within five years and another thirty percent leave the profession within three years after that. It does not pay to be a teacher. Don't go into the profession.

  4. Since I was in middle school I had a teacher that always help me and never leaves me everyday I get hurt she helps me and then I moved to university I missed her so much and I came to visit my school and I saw her she was so old she saw me and she started crying and I cried too her hands was shaking so much😢

  5. Very much Touching for me because I'm going to be a Teacher 🙂 Love Teaching as per Love your Student always show them Right Path always, make them Happy Be Happy 🙂 Happy Teaching 🙂

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