The trouble with this country is the Daily Mail


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Filmed at the Royal Geographical Society on 25th February 2016.

“Immigrant-bashing, woman-hating, Muslim-smearing, NHS-undermining, gay-baiting”. That’s how one critic has described the Daily Mail. It depicts a world where traditional British values are under siege – from the EU, rising crime, and benefit scroungers – and it assures its readers that they are not alone in their anxieties. It loves nothing more than a good health scare. According to the Mail, almost everything causes cancer (116 items at the last count, including salami, flipflops and chimney sweeping). As for women, they are castigated for trying to ‘have it all’, and any female celebrity who ‘dares to bare’ on the beach is subjected to microscopic scrutiny of her physique. Perhaps most worrying of all is the power the Mail holds over our politicians. “What would the Mail say?” is the question ministers ask themselves when considering any liberal policy that might get a slap-down from the paper. Making the case against the Mail in this debate will be Zoe Williams of the Guardian and the Rev Richard Coles, the former popstar who is now a parish priest and much-loved Radio 4 presenter.

On the other side of the argument we have Daily Mail columnist Peter Oborne and Roger Alton, former editor of the left-leaning Observer newspaper. As they will point out, the Mail is the UK’s most popular newspaper in print and online. Millions of ‘ordinary’ people read it because it understands and articulates their concerns better than other papers. Mail readers are decent, hardworking people, struggling to pay their bills, ambitious for their children and loyal to their country. Hatred of the Mail comes largely from the liberal elite who sneer at unfashionable types who don’t work at the BBC or the Guardian. The Mail may be hard on immigrants and celebrities, but it has served this country time and again by exposing the wrongdoings of the rich and powerful. And it has a fine track record as a campaigning newspaper, most famously bringing the killers of Stephen Lawrence to justice by naming them murderers and challenging them to sue.


Date: September 11, 2021

25 thoughts on “The trouble with this country is the Daily Mail

  1. Stop creating dictatorial regimes,stop taking wars to the poorest countries in the world!
    Stop printing that racist paper as it is only spreads poison ,nothing else!

  2. The lady in the awful pink truly encapsulates the goofball of a loony liberal that the whole world is sick and tired of. The liberal elitist, self-righteous, virtue-signalling snobbery is exactly why so many people have turned against the delusional Marxists. I wouldn’t even stand next to the goofball in pink who cannot even dress properly to be taken seriously!

  3. The reader is the real trouble with the Daily Mail. Without the reader, the Daily Mail wouldn't exist. As for women working at the Daily Mail, does not equate that the Daily Mail represents women's rights.

  4. Hilariously the Daily Mail method of argumentation for its existence matches the reason why it shouldn't – dotted among the really awful, unevidenced, misleading and manipulative articles it runs, it runs a handful of positive ones – and it wants to highlight those, while still quietly printing all the hate and fear. The DM is a bait and switch. It is the deceiver.

  5. Newspapers are a direct reflection of the level of education of a country. Tabloid dont exist in much of europe where education systems reach out to all people, rich and poor. Around half of British university students come from the British private school system (curiously known to Britons as public schools) which represents 10% of high school students. This means that 90% of students, those who graduate from free schools, are 10 times less likely to get a high quality university education than if their parents had been able to afford private tuitions. The Daily Mail benefits directly from this sad fact. As my american friends say when they visit the UK: when did Britons stop speaking english? The sad truth is they never learned (except for the aforesaid 10%). Britain is unique in its disregard for its citizens. Many recent spectacular examples of that from the Windrush scandal to those flammable high rise buildings, a much lower life expectancy, a terribly bad public healthcare for the 90% (while the top 10% can afford excellent private healthcare) and Brexit. Britain is a country made by the top 10% for the top 10%. The rest are Daily Mail readers.

  6. the last guy is really good at bullshitting people who are gullible that's for sure. starting around the 40 minute or so mark

  7. Dearest Richard Coles, How beautiful a Human You are.
    If I were ever to go into 'battle' I would ask You to be My 'right hand Man' .
    I would hope that YOU would accept.
    Enough said.


    I’ve seen the poison letters of the horrible hacks
    About the yellow peril and the reds and the blacks
    And the TUC and its treacherous acts
    Kremlin money – All right Jack
    I’ve seen how democracy is under duress
    But I’ve never seen a nipple in the Daily Express

    I’ve seen the suede jack boot the verbal cosh
    Whitehouse Whitelaw whitewash
    Blood uptown where the vandals rule
    Classroom mafia scandal school
    They accuse – I confess
    I’ve never seen a nipple in the Daily Express

    Angry columns scream in pain
    Love in vain domestic strain
    Divorce disease it eats away
    The family structure day by day
    In the grim pursuit of happiness
    I’ve never seen a nipple in the Daily Express

    This paper’s boring mindless mean
    Full of pornography the kind that’s clean
    Where William Hickey meets Michael Caine
    Again and again and again and again
    I’ve seen millionaires on the DHSS
    But I’ve never seen a nipple in the Daily Express

  9. The sad thing is that the Daily Mail claims to serve their readers but they are only manipulating the frailties that come with their readers' social class. The Daily Mail wants you to chose a side, not because they have your best interest, but because they want you keep buying for them. By sensationalizing everything and by tapping into bitter anxieties, fears and insecurities of people, they polarize the nation and continue to profit.

    On the flip side, the speakers for the motion's argument falls flat on deaf ears. Labeling the Daily Mail (and its readers) as racist, fascist, etc. shows that they don't quite know how to communicate to the DM audience. It further polarizes the two sides and actually gives the Daily Mail more moral high-ground to win the argument by whipping out the good ol' "British values being under attack" argument. If you carefully listen, Peter Oborne gives some tips on how (not) to communicate to people of a particular social class so that they listen to you. Labeling and shaming someone as a racist/fascist in absolution usually does the opposite of what you want, they will only retract and close themselves to what you are trying to tell them.

  10. As much as the DM provokes and spreads falsehoods, totally agree with the first man against the motion. They hold various areas of society to account better than any. The guardian would be dead and buried long before they would say a word about the misuse of public funds if not perpetrated by a private company.

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  12. The guardian columnist was utterly insufferable and just parroting dog shit leftie buzz words and talking points.

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