The Truth About The Bachelorette's Jed Wyatt Revealed


The Bachelorette’s Jed Wyatt, one of Hannah Brown’s finalists for her hand in marriage, has proven to be full of surprises and his presence has sparked dozens of questions. Did he join The Bachelorette for his career? Is it true that he had a girlfriend back home? Here’s Jed Wyatt’s untold truth. Warning spoilers ahead!

If it wasn’t already obvious from looking at the guy, Wyatt has a pretty good gym regimen. His physique, something he shows off quite often on his Instagram page, is arguably quite impressive, with his visible six pack, bulging biceps, and rippling quads. No wonder Brown found him to be so dreamy.

Before Wyatt was competing for a chance to become Brown’s main squeeze on The Bachelorette, however, he appeared to consider fitness to be more than just a hobby. It seems like he was a diet and exercise professional, according to a post on his Facebook page featuring a text from a client, which he captioned,

“It makes me so happy to see people getting results from my diet and workout plans.”

Wyatt also shared a post on his Instagram page, offering dietary advice.

Speaking of side hustles, it looks like being a fitness coach wasn’t the only thing Wyatt did in order to pay the rent. According to several posts on Instagram, he’s pulled a Magic Mike on more than one occasion, taking off at least his shirt for some appreciating audiences.

Apparently, Wyatt was moonlighting at the Music City Male Revue, a burlesque performance troupe, located in the heart of Nashville. It’s the only “PG-21” show featuring men in the Nashville area, and the business’s website boasts that it’s the kind of place you can take your “soon-to-be-mother-in-law” and not feel totally weird.

From the second viewers of The Bachelorette were introduced to Wyatt, they learned just how important his musical ambitions are to him. And he never missed a chance to serenade Hannah Brown, something she was obviously charmed by.

But given how Wyatt prioritizes his music career over pretty much everything else in life, it’s a little odd that he’s put almost no work into his YouTube channel. With only two videos both featuring the same song and just around 330 subscribers as of July 2019, the channel’s certainly not going to be his ticket to fame and fortune.

Watch the video to see the truth about The Bachelorette’s Jed Wyatt revealed

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Fitness guru | 0:20
Burlesque boy | 1:03
Bare channel | 1:36
Animal lover | 2:19
Real feelings? | 2:56
Family man | 4:00
Awkward family visit | 4:40
Rude sis? | 5:30
Ghosting his girlfriend? | 6:11
Intense fallout | 7:11
Colton’s shade | 8:08
Spoiler alert! | 8:48
Calling off the engagement? | 9:28


Date: January 20, 2020

32 thoughts on “The Truth About The Bachelorette's Jed Wyatt Revealed

  1. I think he’s inbred. That would explain his ginormous Jedhead, underbite, lazy eye and awful voice lol! Biggest creep ever! Jedhead thinks he can sing and plays 4 whole chords! Woohoo! NOT! Go crawl back under your rock now douche!

  2. He can't sing that's the truth. After engagement with Hannah a lot of times he wont look Hannah in the eye. And at times he looked distant, something Hannah never seemed to notice. He didn't neglect to tell Hannah, he purposely avoided telling her. He took his other bachelors' time by not coming out clean. I find him selfish. And Hannah is not doing him a favor by excusing him he needs to learn what he did is not excusable.

  3. I love Jed and Hannah both. And Tyler and Peter. All the contestants on the show, (including the main bachelor/ette) are UNmarried, but they’re not monks. Each and everyone are living life before applying, and whilst awaiting a call back. No doubt they’ve all got semi-solid relationships in play and flat out don’t expect to form connections!

  4. Get that Hannah asked Tyler to go for a drink and hang, and maybe it would lead to more. But kind of like the idea of a bachelorette just leaving as a bad ass single women and finding some one later down the road! Plus Being on Coltons season , then being the lead , getting engaged , only to find out the Jed was not the person she thought he was. Is a lot to deal with over a fairly short period of time. Sometime single to heal is probably for the best! Maybe Hailey and Hannah should go for a drink and just make a good friendship!

  5. You really duped yourself, Jed. Nobody will believe you now. Your family was more open and honest than you were. I guess you’ll have to find a woman who hasn’t seen you on the bachelorette show. Good luck hiding THAT.

  6. Jed, I hope you see this. Dude…seriously the first time I heard you sing I knew you lacked real talent. You're average at best, your songs are weak and lacking. I've listened to dozens of singer-songwriters that have much more of a unique voice and actual talent than you. Every time we saw you lug out that guitar, sorry dude…we cringed. Jingle writing is the best place for you.

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