The Truth About the Central Park Five | Larry Elder Show


Larry takes a look at the accuracy of the Netflix mini-series When They See Us. The series was inspired by the 1989 Central Park jogger case where 28-year-old Trisha Meili was raped and assaulted, while other victims were attacked and robbed. Five black teens were indicted for attempted murder and other charges in the attack. They were found guilty, but the charges were later vacated. Claims of mistreatment and abuse by police were claimed by the defendants, popularizing the incident. Larry takes a look at the details and shares his interview with black detective Eric Reynolds, who was on the scene at the time, to see just who was to blame for what in this incident. Link: https://centralpark5joggerattackers.com/

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Date: November 6, 2019

33 thoughts on “The Truth About the Central Park Five | Larry Elder Show

  1. So many inconsistencies about that detective and of course he won’t admit wrong doing. A black detective doesn’t mean there wasn’t corruption.
    Larry I onced admired you but I see you fraudulent persona more then ever.
    Can’t you be a republican and a trump supporter but still see the truth when you see it?


  2. Ken Burns is a part of the lying Demonrats! Anything for money! That have no conscience but they will pay. What a crock! People don’t perpetrate profits to this movie. Boycott!!!

  3. Those people have no conscience. I pray they repent for this gross miscarriage of justuce. That poor Lady was Raped by this documentary and CBS , via Hellywood all over again. Thank you Larry for the truth , which appears to escape the MSM and the left.

  4. Larry Elder, What kind of person are you? The actual rapist confessed to the crime! Whatever compensation you think you may be getting in life from making these posts, it isn't worth your soul blackman.

  5. DNA evidence Exonerated them but you completely leave that out it’s pretty depressing how far Logo you have to go in order to spew your uncle Tom propaganda. You completely left out that most of the defendants had to make plea-bargain in order to shorten their sentences ( where they accused each other of committing the rape) when they were brought in by the police in order to be interviewed they all have fake IDs but the police whilst knowing this decided to take the IDs as genuine and try them as adults. Even the district attorney that brought the charge against him Robert Morgenthau Had the charges dropped to 2001 after it sold the evidence for Mattias Reyes completely matched what was at the scene compared to those of the five . The problem Mr. Elder is that you completely leave that out in order to ground a contrarian view of the event in order to make more steam to your name and reputation.


  6. So who cares if he is black, we no how black people treat each other to gain favor with the white man! So we are going to believe Linda Fairstein! We know she is a lier!!! Like we would believe the police! Why didn’t they find their DNA? Police lies so much who would trust them

  7. This is a joke, no physical evidence against those boys & the actual video confessions don’t correlate with the actual crime. The NYPD is infamous for their sketchy & sometimes lazy behavior…..doesn’t matter what color the detective is the case was a sham….

  8. I watched all of the confession videos and clearly those animals were and are guilty. There was no forced confession at the hands of the police. Their stories were all way too similar except how they implicated everyone but themselves (which is telling) and they are too stupid to all remember the same story that way. They raped that poor girl. I really hope they got raped and the shit kicked out of them in prison!

  9. Why didn't this man interview the man in jail that said he did it! You can look up his name and watch his REAL Live interview that was done while he was locked up. His confession. That's all that matters! Anyone reading this comment look up his confession. All what he and the others on this taping is false. Mattais said his DNA was everywhere at the crime scene. He was locked up for raping and killing a woman. Go to YouTube and look at his confession. And you will see this is just a cover up of their unprofessional work and makes no since. They should just admit they were wrong.

  10. Thank you for making this video Larry. I watched “when they see us” on Netflix a few a months ago and all I could think to myself was that the series was bullshit. I knew there was something wrong with that show after they added Trump to it. The leftists were mad at trump because he put out an 80,000 dollar article saying they should bring back the death penalty for the Central Park five, yea trump was so horrible for wanting the death penalty for confessed rapists. Where are the Me Too activists? It’s like that entire series paid no attention to the fact that an innocent woman was savagely beaten and raped.

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