The UK teens sent to Africa to escape knife crime – BBC News


Hundreds of British teenagers are being sent by their parents to East Africa to avoid knife crime in the UK, representatives of the Somali community say.
The Victoria Derbyshire programme looks at why some are taking this drastic choice?
Producer: Sean Clare

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Date: August 12, 2019

47 thoughts on “The UK teens sent to Africa to escape knife crime – BBC News

  1. Somalians killing each other & Ethnic boys in London , my son was stabbed too , Somalian mother’s don’t parent their boys at all as teens also fathers too busy getting married over and over not behind their boys

  2. Whilst the BBC and John snow ect demonize the English who have let these supposed victims of war settle and make lifes in there society ask your self this question were do the britsh sons and daughters run to escape ???

  3. In Denmark, Somalis are 35.9 TIMES more likely to commit RAPE than a native Dane. Per capita Danes commit 0.7 rapes per 100,000 people where Somalis commit 25.1 per 1000,000. A phenomenal disparity.
    – [ ] https://www.trendsmap.com/twitter/tweet/993620283587166209
    This is why we need open governments and genuinely free press, the numbers are the truth on the migrant debate. It’s always a net loss by any measure when they come from Muslim countries or the third world. Any government should protect its own people first and fore most, not expose its women to increased risk of rape in the name of diversity and multiculturalism.
    Somali did not develop written language until 1972.
    Somalia is probably the worst country in the world and it’s men they most predisposed to rape.
    Of course not all Somalis are rapists but they are very much more likely to be.
    EUROPE do not sacrifice the safety and rights of you women and girls in the name of diversity and multiculturalism. It could be one you love next .

  4. Somali is a combo of ethnic Sub-Saharan, ethnic Berber, and ethnic Arab. For whatever genetic reasons, they always want to move into white nations and commit crime, and terrorize people. They came to the US and murder and violent crime has soared in the cities, it was an invasion. We call Minneapolis "Little Mogadishu" now, and they are linked with a 60% rise in violent crimes. Ilhan Omar is their leader now. What future are we creating in the US and UK, by importing the entire third world. These people are poor and violent, and so will there kids be in ten generations. They don't assimilate, they have 15 kids each until they take over.

  5. I am a Somali, a muslim living in Nairobi. I have experienced a time when I was a teenager and majority of my somali agemates were in gangs right where I was brought up. They snatched phones and stabbed each other and passers-by. I have never involved myself in such acts. Why? Because I am a MUSLIM and my faith strictly prohibits such acts. For those saying that these teenagers act evil because of Islam, are the good muslims who in fact are a majority Christians? This is nothing but poor upbringing of children. Their parents don't work, they do nothing at all other than waiting for handouts from European governments. What else did you expect from idle minds? Parents have no responsibility of the kids. What do you expect from kids who can't be disciplined? You cane the kids for indiscipline and the government thinks you can't be the right parent for the kids. You are actually sued for disciplining your own child. It is your policies that have caused all this! In Africa they don't misbehave this much, we do have this kind of cases but they are majorly carried out by teenagers whose parents live abroad. Children and women are the kings and queens in your societies. You stripped of men from their responsibilities, now you got to deal with what you planted.
    Lastly, for the Somali community, it is ashaming that we always choose to nurture our children in unfavourable environments. Majority claim that they need peaceful environment where kids can get better education. Where is that education now? Education is of no use in the absence of discipline! Go back home for the grass gets green whenever and wherever you irrigate it. Go back home and bring up your kids with good morals, that is much better than the university degrees you claim to have access to in foreign lands. Wake up my people for once and think of the future of the young generation.

  6. I don't see why my taxes still go towards the police. They don't do much of a job these days but you will never see the media criticise the. Fine let the crime get worse and worse

  7. Who are you going to blame when you as a parent dont know what your child is up to? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🙄 I swear to god us Somalis need to step up our game. We have so much potential but if we dont do anything with it we and our country are a lost case 😞 Subhanallaah where to even start with this mess …….

  8. Every race feels like it's them who are victimised the most.
    Blacks, Somalis, Pakistani (Muslims). Then you have the White Alpha male living in the UK who feels he is not cared about and is not given as much privileges as these ethnic minorities.
    Hence the birth of the now overused, cheap, sarcastic phrase "Is it cos i is White".

  9. This comment section is disgusting, for 2 reasons,
    1. Either all the comments are blaming the somali community (might stem from self-hatred) and for people who do not live in London I don't know why they are giving there opinion,
    2. There are some really bigoted, racist and misinformed comments, people need to understand that this BBC segment is from 1 view of the rise in crime and the impacts of that, to take this and then go on a tangent about how people should go back to their country and how they are ruining London makes you seem so ignorant.
    The rise in crime is due to a combination of things: the failure of our education system; the shutting down of youth centres in east and south London; the decrease in police force and so many other factors. Our government is cutting costs and it is impacting those who are in the most vulnerable socio-economic situations. So educate yourselves before you put your foot in your mouth.

  10. Is must be so difficult to decide that one must send their child away maybe not seeing them again for years and all for the sake of protecting them. Sure Africa isn't always the best place but where is? Everywhere has it's good and bad just that some places can implement discipline better than others. My only issue is are you not teaching your child to run away from their problems?

  11. I would invite the somalis to come back home, take part in the process of rebuilding our own country. It's rare to see a certain community successfully advancing to a bigger level while in a foreign country, very rare. Men just come back home we need more educated people.

  12. these people in this mini documentary are all avoiding the big elephant in the room here – positive male role models in the somali households are almost non-existence the boys are exempt from any real responsibilities hence why they aspire to join gangs and deap drugs…. the somalian men who desert their first wife for a young arab second wife in the UAE only to fly over when the son/frist wife dies…. the men who chew Chaat instead of have a chat with their sons about manhood and what it means to become man with responsibilites…. confusing culture with religion (but thats another topic all together) if somalians are a forgotten people its because the men in the community forgot first!

  13. Stop welfare these lazy women won’t want to live in your country the U.K is too generous with giving out too many free money and housing if this all stops they will leave 🤟🏻🤷🏼‍♀️

  14. They put them on flights to Kenya,when they should go to their country Somalia???They come to terrorize kenyans in return.The Somali community is Kenyas biggest problem RN

  15. My brothers and sisters aka our neighbors from Somalia/UK, we are well aware some of you have never even been to Somalia and some of you were born in Kenya but falsified their papers in order to claim asylum in UK. You left us here in Kenya and Somalia for better life abroad. When you arrived in UK there were no Knife attacks there but you bundled together with some lost and culture less west Africans to create problems for your host UK. Currently instead of coming up with solutions to problems of your own making, you are contemplating exporting the problems to where to ran away from. Be advised there are no HUMAN RIGHTS where you think your children will be safe. If they behave well and good fro them, if not the remember for such idiotic knife crimes they are usually handled at the street level ie MOB JUSTICE. They will be set ablaze in Kenya.
    Unfortunately nowadays there is nothing good coming from some of the Somali men abroad except having sex with minors and impregnating their own women then running off abroad living them in disgrace. If you think am harsh on you try me and i will give you free links for the alleged crimes better still ask BBC they have done a piece on the Sex pests.
    At one time Somali people abroad used to be people of substance i dont know what some of you smoked over there. In the early years almost 99% of the community had goals and ambitions but nowadays the goals and ambitions are no longer there.

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