The Value of Hard Work. UNPLUGGED Weekly Lecture by @MYCOACHJOSH


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Date: July 4, 2020

22 thoughts on “The Value of Hard Work. UNPLUGGED Weekly Lecture by @MYCOACHJOSH

  1. Thanks my brother. I need prayer in this area in terms of being patient & clarity. I believe I've been faithful, but need to be replenished and needed some encouragement through here. Pushing through grad school; Waiting on manifestation while trying not to be discouraged in the waiting. I'm also trying not to be discouraged about when I sense people who God has sent me to are not listening. I'm trying to stay encouraged in the fact that God's word WON'T return void, but will accomplish what He sent it for. Working hard, honest, and holy. Great word. Continued blessings to your ministry! Amen.

  2. Great message. I prayed to find my purpose for years and I had an inkling, but now that some of it has been revealed, I have yet to put in work b/c now I'm weary and disillusioned from the career I alone chose to pursue.

  3. I just got finish talking about my work ethic yesterday. I needed to hear this. Thank you for you obedience, honesty, and love for God and his people.

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