The Wanted's Tom Parker opens up about his cancer diagnosis – BBC News


Tom Parker from boy band The Wanted says he refuses to let cancer dominate his life, almost a year on from being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour.

The star has set up a fundraiser at the Royal Albert Hall in London which will feature Ed Sheeran, Liam Payne and McFly as well as the first appearance for more than seven years by The Wanted.

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Date: September 27, 2021

39 thoughts on “The Wanted's Tom Parker opens up about his cancer diagnosis – BBC News

  1. Tom please eat an everyday diet of berries, nuts, honey, and dark leafy greens. I searched it and it’s been shown to fight cases of this type of cancer. I know this sounds kinda silly from me, but I don’t want you to die, and I don’t know how else to help you.

  2. Such a positive outlook on what has undoubtedly been a tough period in his life. Massive respect to you Tom keep on pushing forward pal. 💙💪

  3. its a central sikh practice, look at your death with laser awareness. definitely wakes you up for your remaining days. Best wishes to him and to anyone the same.

  4. I was so thrilled a few days ago when I found out The Wanted was reuniting and I had no idea about Tom's diagnosis. This is heartbreaking, I pray for him and his family.

  5. On another level i really loved hearing the wanted as they did some really awesome tunes back in the day & i generally miss that where did they go they were legends in themselves they should come back too do another tune its been so long man! 🙁 Also sad too hear that with you your a legend & you will beat this thats it keep thinking positive. 🙂

  6. i remember him in the wanted music videos seemed like a care free fun lad. im sad to see him suffer so much and he sounds and looks weak at the moment to me, hope he recovers and can live his life again.

  7. I can’t believe it honestly. You think guys from boybands are supposed to be healthy and young forever. But you forget they have real lives and the same issues us regular people go thru. I’m praying he beats this.

  8. If he'd totally avoided chemo and all other alleged treatments, all he'd have had to do is
    Fast on nothing but distilled water for a few weeks and he'd now be cancer free.
    It's probably too late , the chemo has wiped out his immune system by now.
    R. I. P.

  9. My mam was diagnosed with stage 4 Glioblastoma in april this year, it's the cruelest most heartbreaking cancer..our world has been torn apart. To hear Tom talk about his battle makes me so sad, I pray for a miracle everyday

  10. What a beautiful, inspiring and amazing man. We love ya Tom, you will kick ass with this, do not worry. ❤❤❤So excited to see the wanted thrive again, yasss, onto new and better things boys!!!

  11. I lost my dad for lung cancer last year. I saw and got through the all things he did or worse and it has been literally soooo hard like words can’t describe it. Like I’m still in grief for the loss.
    I saw my dad lost his weight like Tom. I saw my dad was in much pain mentally, physically which healthy people can’t imagine.
    I’ve been a fan of this band since when I was a teenager and still pretty much love them. Now again have to see my favourite person battles for this shit and it really hurts me. I’m so proud of you Tom for what you achieved last night.
    I pray for you from bottom of my heart for overcoming this illness.

  12. I pray every day for him since finding out about his diagnosis. I pray for Tom to be granted a miracle and live a happy, healthy long life with his beautiful family. If you watch "The Wanted Life" reality show you'd never believe this guy is the joyful one he once was. He was a firecracker, the soul of the group. This is so unfair.

  13. Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. -Thomas A. Edison..

  14. Which will be the next shit that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will go to make? Please americans citizens save the USA before that is later!

  15. What a legend, Tom sorry for your devastating news but you are such a soldier brave man talking about it not asking for anything. You will help others by talking about this. What you have achieved so far will go down in history. Keep fighting. 🙏

  16. His positivity is really something to admire, I have no idea how he’s holding it together so well. I have the utmost respect for him. x

  17. He's a great lad, Tom. His positivity in adversity is inspirational, I know it's helping others. His wife Kelsey is also bloody brill, love and respect

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