The World is a Wonderful Place


The World is a Wonderful Place

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Date: June 17, 2020

27 thoughts on “The World is a Wonderful Place

  1. I try to help as many people as possible, I lived a very troubled life, and I am very thankful for the friends I have made. I do not have any money, but I try as much as possible to do as much for as many as I can.
    Small Acts of Random Kindness for you may turn the world around for someone else.
    Be responsible, respectful, caring and compassionate; we are all facing battles, that we know nothing about. Always speak the truth and never believe it is better to comfort someone with a lie, than to hurt them with the truth. It may burn now, but you will be thanked later.

  2. I've always helped my family and friends and co workers, strangers, activists, the disabled veterans etc. I am alone, sick, homeless and still working. The biggest act of kindness is the customer who lets me sleep in his van for the past 2 years…..

  3. Story is nice for collection of. educational fees with struggles… But, so many government schools are running without offering any fees…. I wish to say, One small joke… Parents are willing to join their children for education up-to college level at government institutions…. So, don't worry about paying fees for orphans… Government is here don't fear… 🙂🐰

  4. Thanks to the group for such vedios it worths millions and millions thanks sir iam a professor of physics and I will want all my students through out my life to listen to your message and keep spreading it can't thank you it will small one myself shashibhushan rao physics professor in india

    When we do a kindness small or great for a fellow human being, an animal, you know that is what HE taught and asks for all of us to do.
    By helping one another and HIS animal friends it brings joy and well being to all and a smile and tear to HIM.
    Let us make it a point to help someone, some animal in a shelter, a homeless animal person, see how well you will find yourself.

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