They We're Stranded On A Cliff For 10 Days | I Shouldn't Be Alive S5 EP4 | Christmas Horror | Wonder


After climbing dangerous rock faces and using all their effort just to make sure they don’t fall, two friends find themselves trapped on a cliff-face with little to no resources, and all hope seems lost. Now they must fight off extreme hunger and dehydration to try and find some kind of escape. And when it seems nothing could get any worse, a deadly storm hits, tensions run high, and they start to fight each other.

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Witness the extraordinary stories of ordinary people who found themselves in life or death survival situations. With first-hand accounts and incredible re-enactments, I Shouldn’t Be Alive presents the raw danger these people faced and shows the physical and mental battle they all had to overcome in their effort to stay alive.

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Date: May 6, 2020

50 thoughts on “They We're Stranded On A Cliff For 10 Days | I Shouldn't Be Alive S5 EP4 | Christmas Horror | Wonder

  1. POEPLE JUST DON'T LIKE PEACE, TRANQUILLITY, FLAT SURFACES☹️🤔🤬 always looking for thrills, elevations, close to death experiences, moral of the story is your human and can't fly!!!! Get it👍 THIER fine untill next time uhhhggg🤬

  2. It rains for 7 days straight and they didn't figure out a way to collect water? Instead they fought on on a mountain drinking wine while dehydrated…

  3. So you're telling me an experienced climber decided to climb a fricken cliff with no climbing gear & with a less experienced climber??? RIght, wtf was she thinking?

  4. horrable episode, there perfectly fine, they just wanted to hurry up and make a random episode….you know they had a wawa around the corner…..they don't even have the slightest once of ageny, or health declining…its all green screen, make up etc…..and the narrarator overly talking how every minute they were in risk of something else and on verg of loosing hope…..but in reality instead of narrator saying 8 days in solid rain was just 10 minutes in the hollywood studio…oh and after the 5 minute snow fall ….theres going to be a massive tornadoe coming along……were they barely cletch on for deer life but meraculously survived another harllowing night, just to relive it all again tomarrow with effertless chances of survival, but wawa is still again right around the corner

  5. "I knew Sonya was a natural in the mountains…I mean she hadn't done climbing, or any serious mountaineering but I wasn't thinking of things like that…."
    So yea take her to climb a 4-5 story ice mountain, what could go wrong?

  6. Thinking that as soon as they decide to stay in that spot, they made all the wrong decisions! They should have took turns taking naps from day one of being there! That way when it dangerous with hypothermia they would have had some sleep!

  7. This show determination,fighting against odd,never lose hope & women have a gr8 strenght .
    M so glad and hatts off to the expert of her wise and calmness overtough decisions..

  8. .. Wait, so she took a rookie out climbing an uncharted route in an area where they knew storm was coming and neither of them brought a phone? Are you kidding me..

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