Since moving in with Pakistani Muslim foster parents, Rebecca Brown – who is white British – has had school friends ask if she lives with terrorists, because of their religion.

Victoria Derbyshire’s reporter Ashley John-Baptiste has been to meet her her family, and speak to others about their experiences of interracial fostering.

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  1. ISLAM is against everyone and wants to kill everyone, so what are they doing fostering? Islam says kill everyone who won't convert and won't follow sharia law. Bless the lovely cult.

  2. The BBC yet again are starting thier programmes on Islam as Muslims are to fast. Funny when a rape, act or any illegal act makes the news it is Asian men, when it comes to wanting to educate or promote it is Muslim /Islam . So why do you you not call the perpetrators of grooing gangs with names life, Mohammed, Rashid, Abdul, Iqbal, Rahim, Asif, Ikram, Irfan, and Yousef, they are all Muslim names.

  3. Ppl should know being evil has nothing to do with the religion. We have evil Muslims Christain and atheists and we have very good Muslims Christains and atheists etc etc. I dnt tnk any religion promotes violence the problem is not following the religion it is bcz they dnt follow it properly or just do evil things and blame it on religion.

  4. When you have to try and convince someone of something usually infers the opposite.E.g "I am a good person" OK "really I am" .When something is good you don't need to convey that it is good, it does it its self.

  5. 8:15 A Muslim myself, I respect that man very much for what he is doing and providing to his Muslim foster children. It takes a lot of courage and modesty to, for example, provide them with halal food.

  6. Muslims stink as a whole. A few are okay.
    But they screw up every country they've ever taken over.
    Then they kill each other. Then the idiots want to move to another country and practice the same crap that ruined the country they fled from.
    They're idiots !!

  7. The real prejudice are in the muslin themselves. They are always searching for pretexts to accuse Europeans of being racist. It's funny how they play the victims and feel free to accuse all over while europeans are supposed to be quiet like frightened little bunnies not to be accused of racism, xenophobia etc.

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