Think Different – A Beautiful Story


24 thoughts on “Think Different – A Beautiful Story

  1. Today is a beautiful day but I cant see it. The sentence meaning we aware all of us are not blind to see the beauty of life rather than a poor blind. So appreciate the little thing and be good or nice to everyone. LIVE, LOVE and SMILE

  2. Remind me of experiences been blind in 3 years. When you blind life is worthless, how strong, clever, or adventurous etc you are; you are nothing. Thank Yushua ( Jesus) he raise me up. So take each moment to thank and appreciate life of seeing …little help the blind. Yahweh bless you

  3. The majority of the world takes a great deal of things for granted. From the smallest thing, like taking a breath in and out, when there are so many who have to have assistance in order to receive just one breath. To one of the largest, like being able to move our own arms/legs, when there are so many that have to have someone help them move their own arms/legs, and then there are those who do not have arms/legs at all. Just these 2 things are enough to make us thankful for what we "do have", and should make us see what others do not have. Never take anything for granted! Never complain about what you don't have, like bread that might be a little stale, when there are those who don't even have crumbs to eat! Always be thankful and grateful for what you do have! And help those who don't! One day, this could be you! God bless you!

  4. ⚘🌈I read this story in a newspaper dated 2/11/2003, and till now on my wallet,.. Very inspiring and True too,…i Truly Believes the Guy must Have Had a Good Fortune by Now 2019,..❤

  5. Yes ,and on this Thanksgiving day as we enjoy our Family’s and Friends company as we enjoy Thanksgiving Day meal. to also be thankful to our Ancestors and the compassionate friendly Natives who welcomed us into their beautiful land to live peaceful and thankful as brothers and sisters . We are all one Family, The Family of Mankind , be kind to one another ,care for and love each other ! Happy Thanksgiving ! Blessing to our native people And Blessing to all the people of the world 🌎 🌍🌏👍🌹🦋🌈💕👵🏻😺🐶🖖👽🖖👮🏼‍♂️👍. Yes we were not good to our Native brothers and sisters or our brothers and sisters brought from Africa and brought to this land for slavery ! There is much we need to pray for forgiveness for ! We must stop bigotry,hate and intolerance towards each other! We must demand our Leaders lead the way in this change of course !we must stop the greed of some people who use their wealth as a show of power ,their Godliness ! No I am not against people doing well and making a fortune , just don’t take all the pie leave the rest of us a bite or two . By that I mean stop making price’s higher then the average person can afford so they are always on the down side of the economic chart ! As Jesus said to the Farmers leave some for widows and orphans to glean and the wild birds and other creatures ! Compassion that is part of Gods message to us ,if God can love us , why can’t we love and care for each other ,? Are we better Then God ?

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