This Is The Real Cause Of Meghan's Feud With Kate


Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s friendship seemed doomed from the start. While Meghan’s recent lawsuit with British tabloids shows how the media was vicious towards her from the get-go, news outlets seemed likewise interested in spreading the idea that the two women were always feuding.

According to British high society magazine Tatler, which features a profile of Middleton in its July/August 2020 issue, trouble started brewing before Meghan’s wedding to Prince Harry. One of the biggest incidents was in 2018, only a few weeks before their nuptials, when Kate was supposedly seen in tears, leaving a dress fitting for her daughter, Charlotte, who was a young bridesmaid at Meghan’s wedding.

The disagreement, believe it or not, was all about whether the young bridesmaids should wear tights. A friend of the Cambridges’ told Tatler,

“It was a hot day and apparently there was a row over whether the bridesmaids should wear tights or not. Kate, following protocol, felt that they should. Meghan didn’t want them to.”

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail points out that at William and Kate’s wedding in April 2011, all of the young bridesmaids were wearing tights, but at Meghan’s wedding, they were not.

The Telegraph points out, though, that it was a difficult time for Kate, as she had just given birth to Prince Louis and was likely quite emotional. Despite this, it seems like the small detail with the bridesmaids’ outfits caused a long-lasting rupture. But was their friendship doomed from the start?

The issue around Charlotte’s tights at Markle’s wedding is indicative of a larger difference between Markle and Middleton. The two women appear to approach the world with strikingly different attitudes. Kate is consistently quiet, respectful and poised while Meghan embodies, according to one write-up in The Blast, quote, “a more confident, exertive, and no nonsense personality.”

This sharp difference between the two women was precisely what made Meghan’s arrival into royal life so difficult. According to Us Weekly, Meghan felt that Kate set a very high standard but also a very particular standard that Meghan simply couldn’t embody, which left her feeling out of the public’s good graces. An insider told the outlet,

“Meghan has this sense of isolation being in the U.K., subject to cruel British media. Her hands are tied and she isn’t allowed to defend herself. It has been very difficult.”

Not only that, but as Meghan’s relationship with Harry became more serious, there was unnecessary pressure on the two women to become very close right away. These stressors were around when Harry and Meghan were still expected to live in England and partake in the royal duties. Now that they’re gone, Kate and William are reportedly wiped out by the additional duties.

It was evident something was wrong when Markle and Prince Harry appeared at Westminster Abbey for the Commonwealth Day service on March 9th. When Middleton and Prince William entered, the body language became decidedly icy between the couples. Kate, especially, was hit hard by their decision to leave royal life. According to Vanity Fair, a source revealed,

“Possibly [Kate] was tired but she didn’t look overjoyed. To be honest I think Kate has taken it all badly […] [She] thinks what has happened is all very sad.”

Since Harry and Meghan decided to step back from royal life and move to California, Kate and William have had to pick up the slack. According to the Daily Mail, Kate is, quote, “furious about the larger workload.”

Since the pandemic began, Kate and William have been getting inventive, along with the rest of the world, by keeping up with meetings and appearances online. So, during the coronavirus, Kate has still had to maintain a public and appropriate persona. A source told the Daily Mail,

“Of course [Kate’s] smiling and dressing appropriately but she doesn’t want this. She feels exhausted and trapped.”

But royal sources tell the outlet that reports of Kate feeling exhausted are false and that she and William are handling the pandemic as well as anyone. We certainly hope so, but there’s no doubt losing Harry and Meghan must be a blow to them.

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Date: October 16, 2020

41 thoughts on “This Is The Real Cause Of Meghan's Feud With Kate

  1. Kate is married an heir to British throne. She trained to follow protocol. And meg and harry choose to flee with bags of poundsterling. They are have different way. Also i look on soscials meghan's fans sometimes attacking kate for no reason at all.

  2. Harry and Meghan didn’t do anything while in the royal family or at least not enough that William and Kate would now feel the work load burden since their departure.

  3. Anyone who lives in the UK will tell you that the media and public were actually very welcoming of Meghan Markle. It only changed when Harry and Meghan's hypocrisy was exposed like taking private jets when campaigning for action against Climate Change.

  4. Nicki S. , what do you gain in reporting this about Duchess Catherine? Do you think the public will be sympathetic to MM plight? No. You suppose to have fairness but you are also self absorbed. The one who stayed with the Royal Family has more reliability in terms of loyalty and authenticity. MM has chosen to leave because that was her motive from the start.

  5. Kudos for Kate, she's a grownup. Things must be hard for her too but she is the adult in this situation.

    Anyone can take the easy way out i.e. the spoiled and naive Harry and Meaghan; who ironically are still making speeches and having appearances ( so what's the difference).

  6. British Royal feud with the American sister-in-law that made the Prince move out of the U.K… where did I hear that before???? Simpson…Wallis???Why yes.

  7. Oh please. These people have help for everything. They do nothing for themselves. What are they tired from? Being millionaires is so hard. ..

  8. Don't know who this Nicki Swift is but she sure loves to beat a dead horse. Enough of doing this to women to pit one against the other. Sheesh, who actually believes that some made up disagreement that would tear a family apart is about some stupid tights. Won't watch this Nicki shit again.

  9. I'm sorry but IMO Kate Middleton looks like she's about 48 years old! Meghan is dramatically better looking. I feel like the royal lifestyle has aged Kate. Run, Meghan, run fast!

  10. Nicki Swift has ALWAYS been biased in favor of MsM, so their reports on these Royal issues lacks credibility

  11. The real reason they fell out was because Kate was angry about the way Meghan treated the staff . Kate told her not to treat them like dirt. That's why they fell out.

  12. Hahahahaha! ‘Losing Meghan & Harry must be a blow to them’. Hahahahaha! I think it’s More like, Losing Meghan & Harry must be a Blessing to them’

  13. People seem to forget that these women have two different paths in the royal family kate is going to be queen so she should be held to a different standard then Meghan. Also I see harry alot like princess Margaret she had to choose between royal duty and the one man she loved .had she chosen love her life might have been not to far from what harry and Meghan have right now .he chose to protect his family at all costs

  14. Great job getting the point across. I posted a video this morning on my channel for My Friend MEGHAN. I love Harry and Meghan and sweet Arch. Great work Nicki 💜💃🏻💃💜♌️♌️😘🤔🤔👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🥰

  15. How did MM and PH's departure impact the real royals? According to Sophie, it didn't. They haven't been 'stepping up' or asked to 'do more'. The Sussex duo didn't do a whole lot anyway. As for William and Catherine, they are preparing for the next stage, when Charles is King, and William becomes Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, etc., etc., etc. The natural progression is for those who are actually in line to the throne to take on more duties and responsibilities. People are so stupid. PH is so far down the line of succession, a whole slew of people would have to die for him to ever be required to be responsible, which I don't think he's capable of doing – and would likely be another Edward VIII, and abdicate. He already quit his 'senior royal' job – such as it was. He wasn't the hardest working royal. Ever.

  16. Kate did not say this. She never complained. Why are you always putting her down whilst praising the Mehgain monster who does nothing but cause division and stress.

  17. Why would it be a blow to see the back of someone you don’t like, who is mostly having exhaustion breaks and causing nothing but I’ll feeling?

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