This is VERY Damaging!


Sunday Night BIG PICTURE Podcast
Patriot News Headlines and the latest updates including Trump Tweets and Q Anon drop decodes.
Recorded Sunday Night 7-28-19.




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Date: August 2, 2019

32 thoughts on “This is VERY Damaging!

  1. All of Obozo's records are sealed….why? He is a fraud from day one. His "wife" is a tranny and the kids were adopted. The entire presidency was a complete fraud and was designed to destroy this country. If Trump didn't win…we would be in a world of shit right now. It is time to arrest and indict all those responsible for the attempted coup on Trump and the attempted destruction of the USA. All are traitors and criminals and should be executed. The leftist morons must be rounded up and jailed or tossed out of the country….they have already done enough damage to last a lifetime.

  2. Surely we would be able to seize the funds with a guilty verdict, Let our country heal while the scum suffers the dispensation of justice, they would not offer us.

  3. Q "news" ? Such as did Q "predict" the historic ASSAULT on free and Christian speech and privacy, while Repubs and Trump DO NOTHING and just STAND BY? Or that it was Trump himself who HIRED the Epstein COVER UP snake, Acosta and Trump's FAV bff's at FOX News who PROMOTED pedo monsters Derschowitz and Starr? Such total BS.

  4. This is like closing the barn door after the horse has bolted. Where Obama was born is no longer an issue. He was born in Hawaii…..that is a fact. The birth certificate was fake but it was faked to hide his true parentage. Frank Marshall Davis the Black communist agitator and Soviet operative is his real father. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that.

  5. Deutsch foolishly laid out the Deep State’s plan:
    We will play dirty to see Trump is not elected…. but if Trump wins, we will challenge the validly of the voting apparatus…

  6. Google is actually GOOG (CIA invented) … they are the goons scrubbing certain words and phrases and amending new meanings to words …. heinous isn't it. BUT we are onto it. WWG1WGA

  7. Rep Gabbard (D) Hawaii is sueing GOOGLE for messsing with her stuff. Just like GOOGLE is messing with us republicans! A demo doeing this shows how bad GOOGLE is! BREAK UP GOOGLE!!!

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