This Man Discovered Plane Wreckage On A Desert Island | All 4 Adventures S1 EP4 | Wonder


In this episode of All 4 Adventures, the boys continue on their journey and discover some extraordinary things. From animals to plane wreckage, join us as we adventure deeper into Australia.

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Join hosts Jase and Simon as they seek out adventure and journey into the heart of the wilderness to discover what it has to offer. With their trusty 4X4 motors as their transport, this is well and truly a journey of exploration.

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Date: June 1, 2020

25 thoughts on “This Man Discovered Plane Wreckage On A Desert Island | All 4 Adventures S1 EP4 | Wonder

  1. You all need to see more of what these guys do to appreciate there efforts and knowledge. They do some great trips and are true adventures!

  2. bet these blokes hate hearing..shrimp on the barbie and fake accents…and Ick sayn..This is a Knife..enjoyable show .love to see first hand..but the Outback has the largest amount and types of very,very poisonous snakes in the World…

  3. Well done guys! Desecrated coconut (47:17) – essential for any outback curry. However, sometimes it's difficult to source so I usually buy desiccated coconut, vandalise it then spray blasphemous graffiti on it. Tastes just as good!

  4. I miss this part of Australia, I worked in the Gulf as a youngster. Now in my 60’s and still think back with a lot of joy. Did you guys put in at Kurumba?💖🇦🇺

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