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The sea can be an unpredictable and dangerous place. I this episode of Living Dangerously meet the people who learned first hand how the ocean can be a threat to our livelihood.

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Date: May 13, 2020

20 thoughts on “This Man Escaped A Capsizing Ship | Living Dangerously | Wonder

  1. Where was the farmer in all this?? Didn’t he know where they were to tell the emergency services. He seem to know about the mud did he not know anything about it? Even i know if your sinking in mud or sand dont struggle loads and try get your self flat across the surface and i live in the middle of london.

  2. Im stuggling to watch this,, its the accents i cant stund thim, the narriator she wont be able to say over and under, coz itle sound like und under, wheres me at at, i cyant find me at

  3. Haulage truck? No one uses that term. Not many other kind of trucks on the road. Bloody tv insist on making up terms and getting things wrong that even the layman never would get wrong. Other annoyances “flipped over”, “tilt”….Ships “list”. it’s hardly a secret term only mariners know. I’m not a mariner and know that. Everyone knows that.

    Another thing “physically airlift”. As opposed to figuratively airlift? Emotionally airlift? Metaphysical airlifting? These programs are written to sound stupid.

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