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In this final episode of Beyond Human Boundaries, we see how Arman survived in all the dangerous places he visited around the world. Taking a deeper look into the series witness the real danger Arman and his cameraman faced and the emotion they felt on their journey to the four corners of the Earth.

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Beyond Human Boundaries tells the story of Arman Alizad, an ordinary man, who travels with his cameraman to eight countries trying to get into a community, group, tribe or environment for 10 days. This is not only a show of endurance but an emotional story about people who live in some of our planet’s most unforgiving conditions.

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Date: June 4, 2020

21 thoughts on “This Man Explored The World's Most Dangerous Places | Beyond Human Boundaries S1 EP8 | Wonder

  1. You’re my true and real inspiration dear Arman, a one of a kind man, no doubts. The episodes I’ve watched so far has affected me in so many ways, it’s impossible to explain really. You’ve made me want to be better, I appreciate things like never before, I realize how good my life is and how selfish I’ve been, thinking that I struggle and that I have problems! I’m now ashamed of myself because I’m blessed compared to the realities you’ve shown me! I’ve cried my eyes out literally and I think about everything you’ve shared in your videos, all the time. You’ve made a huge impact on me for the better and forever, I’m super grateful for the life I have and I really want to help others, that’s what life’s really about, taking care of each other. Thank you soooo much for giving me the push that I needed to see a world I barely knew existed. Much love to you and to everyone out there, thank you! ❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹

  2. I have mixed feelings over this . It is their way but seems harsh compared to western ways . I do not understand why they pollute the river so much , especially when it is sacred to them but carries so much disease it must cause death .

  3. One of the best shows I've seen on Youtube. Your humility and honesty is showing. Thanks a lot of sharing and wish you best and more adventures!!

  4. This Show has Open My Eyes to enjoy the little things in life This World Is A Tough cold place to Live We Need More Ppl Who Have a Good Heart Who See the Good in Ppl Without Judging There Way living Be Good and Good Things Come

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