This Man Lived In The Himalayas With Indigenous Tribes | Beyond Human Boundaries S1 EP6 | Wonder


Home of the highest mountain on Earth, the Himalayas is a place where you’re well and truly at the mercy of the elements. In this episode of Beyond Human Boundaries, Arman experiences life in the highest of places and the lowest of temperatures.

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Beyond Human Boundaries tells the story of Arman Alizad, an ordinary man, who travels with his cameraman to eight countries trying to get into a community, group, tribe or environment for 10 days. This is not only a show of endurance but an emotional story about people who live in some of our planet’s most unforgiving conditions.

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Date: May 15, 2020

46 thoughts on “This Man Lived In The Himalayas With Indigenous Tribes | Beyond Human Boundaries S1 EP6 | Wonder

  1. 14.21 min old nomad father say be pray for dalai lama first n than not go to hell ,but ur subtiles didn't mention any of those,and many subtitles didn't mention correctly ,,,no doubt one of best documentary i ever saw ,,

  2. I took a bag down for an american lady on annapurna trek. We went to pokhata hospital to treat her knee. Ive never seen a hospital so bare of medicine in 1986. It was so humbling and nepali people are truely amazing.

  3. Love it! I agree with you…. travelled alot and those who live in the mountains/remote areas are the most friendliest, kindest, helpful and respectfull individuals compared to those who live in rural areas.

  4. I swear this guy is like a troll for the " i shouldnt be alive series".
    Like dude . Why dont you actually get stuck in a real situation. Not your pretend games

  5. Thank you
    Much respect –
    Wanting To learn more about cultures and participating in experiences that may be undesirable or difficult in the process.
    I love travel documentaries ,
    but most hosts only eat the best food and visit fun destinations so I respect that he is willing to go through unpleasantness to learn.

  6. everybody is sick when they go to India or Tibet or Nepal. High temperature and sickness is normal a few days after entering this countrys. Westerners are not used to little hygiene. it normally passes after 3 days but its intense. I am surprised he didnt know about it.

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