This Man Survived A Dangerous Crash Thanks To Incredible Rescue Team | Mountain Rescue EP3 | Wonder


When a man becomes trapped in an avalanche it seems all hope is lost, but the mountain rescue team on the Alps are on hand to try and save the day. Also in this episode, a young girl in need of rescue battles for her life, a dangerous head injury leaves a young man fighting for survival, and the Alps rescue team face the impossible task of finding a lost skier in the middle of the snowy wilderness with no air support.

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Towering above the Alps, Mont Blanc is a spectacular natural beauty. But it also has a darker, lethal side that attracts thrill-seekers, extreme skiers and obsessed climbers from all over the world. When these thrill seekers fail, the consequences can be deadly. The only thing standing between them and certain death is the helicopter rescue squad of the PGHM.

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Date: May 25, 2020

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