This Man Survived A Shark Attack | Human Prey S1 EP2 | Wonder


Imagine being in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight then noticing that beneath you, in the deep blue, swims a dangerous shark. Join us as we witness the stories of those who experienced real-life Jaws situations, and were attacked by killer sharks.

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Human Prey follows the tales of extreme animals attacks and meets the individuals who witness first hand the true danger of the animal kingdom.

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Date: May 14, 2020

40 thoughts on “This Man Survived A Shark Attack | Human Prey S1 EP2 | Wonder

  1. "In fact there is more shark attacks here than anywhere else in the world"… shows full beach and people in the water… well mate who's falt is this to be attacked in this area? Also because they do not have cars and the the ocean is only there you can't go elswhere for swim training…

  2. I get the fact some get food and make a living in the ocean. I feel bad for them! but the guys that swim around like it is a gym swimming area splashing attracting sharks I have no pitty for at all !

  3. First one actually looks like the recreation was shot in South Africa close to Gordons Bay / Rooi Els… No mistaking those mountains and the Harbour they shot at was Hout Bay Harbour near Cape Town 👌🏼

    The last one also near Cape Town – Strandfontein Pavilion.. The question is, why shoot in South Africa when two of the incidents happened in Australia? Are we that cheap??

  4. Being able to fight off an apex predator with your bare hands, when it has every advantage over you, is why humans are at the top. That being said, we're also the dumbest species, volunteering our unnecessary presence in the face of mortal danger.

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