This Man Was Saved By His Horse After Surviving A Dangerous Bear Attack | Pet Heroes S1 EP7 | Wonder


While alone in a forest, one man comes face-to-face with a grizzly bear on the hunt. After miraculously surviving the bear’s attack, it seems he is going to bleed out in the forest. That is until his horse takes action and assists him through the forest, in search of help.

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Date: May 11, 2020

42 thoughts on “This Man Was Saved By His Horse After Surviving A Dangerous Bear Attack | Pet Heroes S1 EP7 | Wonder

  1. My husky saved me , the pitties, and the kitties one night when the house had filled with toxic smoke when a work glove had fallen on the woodstove- he lightly brushed his whiskers against my face at my beside to wake me while afraid I'd whack him because I had before because my insomnia makes me irritable. My throat was swollen and practically closed with a horrendous headache- had to open house in middle of January in upstate NY to clear toxic smoke. I'm convinced we'd all have died had he not awaken me.

  2. I had horse well, he wasn't really mine. But every i went to the stables i rode him all the time. We were really close. One time I was at the stables riding him and blue jet had went by (mind you my was horse was skittish had times) When they went by he got scared and jumped to the side. I had fallen off him and he waited until i was totally off him before he took off , but didn't go far and came back to see if I was okay.

  3. Great stories, but I strongly disagree with this woman's assessment about the intelligence level of horses. They are extremely intelligent! (She obviously has never had them.)

    I had a horse save me during a snow storm, back in the 70s, when I was a child. If it weren't for him finding me in the forest, and taking me back in that blinding storm, I would've died for sure. And, they are just as loyal as any dog. (I love dogs too by the way.)

  4. I'm not surprised by this story. The extraordinary bond between an individual animal and its master is amazing. They won't leave and will do all they can to help even dolphins and whales and seals will do the same even with out much contact . Believe that they can communicate on some higher plane
    Remember they are all God's creatures.

  5. How about not walking around in bear territory at all? I don't mind watching videos. Videos are better than bear spray. You people that put yourselves in harm's way, are complete morons. You might think you're brave, but you're idiots.

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