This Man Was Stranded At The Top Of Mt. Everest | I Shouldn't Be Alive S4 EP15 | Wonder


On Mt. Everest a climber falls into unconsciousness at 28,000 feet. His sherpa guides leave him, presuming him to be dead, but he wakes up. Now he faces the impossible; to survive the night alone, with no oxygen, on the worlds highest mountain.

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Witness the extraordinary stories of ordinary people who found themselves in life or death survival situations. With first-hand accounts and incredible re-enactments, I Shouldn’t Be Alive presents the raw danger these people faced and shows the physical and mental battle they all had to overcome in their effort to stay alive.

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Date: May 6, 2020

22 thoughts on “This Man Was Stranded At The Top Of Mt. Everest | I Shouldn't Be Alive S4 EP15 | Wonder

  1. Why do people want to climb Mt. Everest so badly?? I get it's a rush, rewarding and all that, but is it really worth losing your life or your family? If I hear over 200 people die at the spot I'm planning on climbing each year, forget it! If you don't have family to return to, then okay, I guess that's on you. But if you know there are people who rely on you and would be destroyed if you died and they couldn't recover your body, sorry but that just seems kind of selfish to me. Sure, you can have hobbies outside your family, there's nothing wrong with that. But is it truly worth it to lose all the important people in your life just to briefly see a mountain peak and take some photos? I'm sorry, but in my opinion, that's irrational.

  2. What only is the reason so many sick profs and amateurs risk their lifes on the dead zone of everest mass tourism without beeing aware the consequences . Every single one additionally is wasting the mountain environment , just a tiny few of the climber is bringing away their rubbish . They pay for having the right to waste the planet ?!
    Is it the kick of beeing very close to the border on the other side ? Wouldn't it be much more satisfying beeing alone with yourself on top of a riskless unspectacular 6000m or 7000m summit .
    I have no understanding for this nonsense …

    And the nepalesian army shall now clean the everest , shall take away 35 tons of waste and rubbish . What a mess !!

  3. He was the most irritating survivor who put everyones life at risk. His age and feeble mental endurance levels were not equipped to combat the wrath of mother nature. Sure it wasnt his heyday but he should ve realized it before taking this uncalculated risk

  4. Oh man those lost fingers, cant help but notice them. The money needed on top of
    the courage and ambition just wow, this man is really one in a million. Sherpas live
    right there for them its a normal routine going up and down the mountain and they
    make a lot of money from people like Lincoln who go there as a pilgrimage to
    adventure. ☮

  5. The Sherpa's at the end saved his life. Why didn't they get acknowledged? Why didn't anyone interview them? They risked their lives for him and not even so much as a interview to say thank you. What a bloody disgrace this show is. They are Heroes, no they are Legends. They went above and beyond. They pushed him to live even when the situation looked grim. No human apart from them could accomplish something like that. They are Angels and yet they weren't acknowledged. How disrespectful it fills me with such rage. Heroes like them should have there good deeds recognised.

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