This Man Was Trapped At 10,000 Feet In A Dangerous Blizzard | I Shouldn't Be Alive S3 EP9 | Wonder


Nashville hunters set off with 20 local guides into the snowy wilderness of Kyrgyzstan, but are quickly trapped in raging blizzards. When it seems they’re saved, the rescue helicopter sent to save them crashes, and their ordeal continues. One of the hunters, Clay, makes the decision to hike for help through the freezing tundra terrain. Now not only is his own life in his hands but so are the lives of the people he’s hiking to save.

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Witness the extraordinary stories of ordinary people who found themselves in life or death survival situations. With first-hand accounts and incredible re-enactments, I Shouldn’t Be Alive presents the raw danger these people faced and shows the physical and mental battle they all had to overcome in their effort to stay alive.

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Date: May 8, 2020

49 thoughts on “This Man Was Trapped At 10,000 Feet In A Dangerous Blizzard | I Shouldn't Be Alive S3 EP9 | Wonder

  1. "A lot of people think it's all about shooting sthg but it's actually all about getting away fron the cities, telephones, people…"

    => So why don't you just bring a camera with you then?

    You're just an average American moron who likes to kill things, just accept it!

  2. All of this happened because a couple americans wanted to point a gun at a ram and fire a bullet into it…. Humans have to be the dumbest creatures ever…

  3. Two things. They are surrounded by snow and snow drifts. Shelter can be built from the snow drifts ie a quinzee would be a good idea. Secondly, didn’t they have a 55 gallon drum of gasoline? Wouldn’t that make a great heat source that would keep them warm?

  4. Stupid morons – and they called themselves VIP? Locals are the same dirt knowing very well that those animals are from the Red Book and they knew very well that the bad weather was coming but didn't care if those 3 dirts would be killed for their shiity money

  5. So many of these stories the people have no emergency communication. Here they have a phone. *no one cares and batteries die because no one brought extra. really lolol

  6. I have watched way to many of these videos and there is always a constant theme. No cell phone or the battery is dead. There is a blizzard that rages for at least a week; No one ever has warm enough cloths, water or food. The cell phone one kills me. I would never get on a helicopter in a very poor country in 30 below temps when I was offered a ride with the US military.

  7. People in this comment section confusing "rare" with "endangered".

    I've never seen a barn owl. Does that make them endangered? Or is it just rare for barn owls to live in the Mojave?

  8. My grandmom told me ones that mountain animals are protected by mountain spirit.. Everytime when somebody hunts them the people had to face with violent rain and thunder .🥺 strange to believe.

  9. So you like hunting for the advanture of trekking through the high mountains? That's cute, leave your gun then and bring a good camera instead.

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