This Man's Aggressive Behavior Proves A Danger To His Team | Bodyguards S1 EP2 | Wonder


In today’s episode of Bodyguards, when one recruits anger gets the better of him it seems the end of his journey is here.

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Date: May 26, 2020

14 thoughts on “This Man's Aggressive Behavior Proves A Danger To His Team | Bodyguards S1 EP2 | Wonder

  1. They are not being "Trained" as such are they. They just get tasks thrown at them and expect them to know. An almost impossible task to train someone to do this work if they have not been given intensive training. Where he say's at point 45:13 "Get Away" and get your lunch, that is a typical army expression. Normally when your drill Sargent has finished with you he would shout "GET AWAY". Pretty sure this guy is Ex Forces

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